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by David Houston David Houston on July 6, 2016

15 Badass Promotional Products Your Boss Will Love

These products are anything but boring! 


Calling all marketers! We know your struggle.

It’s time to order new promotional products for an event, giveaway or gift, but the hundreds of options you scroll through online are simply not inspiring.

They’re predictable.

They’re old hat.

Frankly, they’re boring.

It’s time to stop accepting the same old promotional products as a given. Let’s get out of the rut we’ve dug for ourselves and break free from the box we’ve put ourselves in.

Promotional products don’t have to be boring…they can be badass! We’ve put together a list of 15 badass promotional products your boss—and your recipients—will love.

What makes these products badass?

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They're Unexpected

These are not the kinds of products you’ll find on the homepage of any typical promotional products site. They’re fresh ideas that demand to be seen.

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They Break All the Rules

You probably didn’t even know you could imprint your company’s branding on some of these items!

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They're Unapologetically Cool

These products have all the bells and whistles that take people by surprise and make them say “Woah.”

 And now, here are the products:

1. Bumpster

Badass Promotional Products

What is the “Bumpster,” you ask? It’s a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that produces a strong, crisp sound for your listening pleasure. The Bumpster speaker comes with a rechargeable battery with a life of 10+ hours; that's a lot of listening time! The imprinting space for your logo appears uniquely on the aluminum top, which makes for a creative branding option that will really make your logo stand out. Josh Lucash, the inventor of the Bumpster, explains how it works:



Useful Promotional Products

Tools are surging in popularity in the promo world. They're the perfect marketing giveaway for so many industries because of their usefulness. Plus, it's just plain cool to have your company's logo imprinted on a tool. This particular product from Alexander Tools is called the SHARPDRAW Pencil, and it’s a professional grade wood carpenter pencil. It comec omplete with some seriously useful special features, like a steel pocket clip and a slider button that allows for automatic lock-in place design.


3. AVEX® FreeFlow AUTOSEAL® Water Bottle

Promotional Water Bottles53% of U.S. consumers own logoed drinkware, and half of those owners use their logoed item 2-3 times a week or more. Drinkware is a promotional item with high staying power that can generate thousands of impressions. So how do you set your company's branded drinkware apart from the crowd?

I recommend the AVEX® FreeFlow AUTOSEAL® Water Bottle because of its innovative features. This product isn’t just a water bottle--it's a high-quality item that recipients will simply love using. This water bottle has a unique, one-handed drinking design that allows you to push a button to open the FreeFlow AUTOSEAL® lid and activate the flow of water. Plus, the lid is spill-proof and the bottle is BPA free.


4. Wenger® Bound Journal

Logo JournalI know what you’re probably thinking – how can something as simple as a journal be a stand-out promotional item? This is no ordinary journal. Wenger are well-known and highly regarded makers of Swiss watches and executive business gear. Having a Wenger journal as a branded promotional item is an instant signifier of quality and professionalism.

The Wenger® Bound Journal serves as a valuable gift to show your company’s appreciation for the recipient. Features include 80 sheets of lined paper and an elastic band to keep it closed. Your logo can be color-printed or stamped on the front cover for a professional look. 


5. Fjällräven Backpack

Fjallraven Backpacks

If you want to align your brand with consumer trends, Fjällräven Backpacks are the way to go. These backpacks are an extremely popular product trend among teens and 20-somethings. This brand is getting a lot of hype right now, so it's pretty cool that their products are available to use for branded merchandise. 

The Fjällräven product pictured here is called the Räven 20 a popular style that comes in 10 trendy colors including Lake Blue, which is pictured above. Made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, this backpack features a zippered opening for the spacious main compartment, a compartment for laptop transportation, a small fleece-lined pocket, padded shoulder straps, and leather handle grip.


6. Survival Tool

Promotional Survival ToolHere’s a product that practically embodies usefulness! It’s called the survival tool, and it features 15 functions in one tiny tool. Here’s a list of some of the features:

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Can opener

C. Sewn Eyelets

Knife edge

C. Sewn Eyelets


C. Sewn Eyelets


C. Sewn Eyelets

4 wrench sizes

Best of all, this useful item comes in a custom black pouch to imprint your brand logo.


7. RuMe Lucite Tray

Lucite Tray

Add the power of this popular retail brand to your own company's marketing. The Lucite Tray by RuMe is a dual-use product that is great for serving meals, treats, or cocktails and can also be used as a desk organizer. Choose a stylish, on-trend pattern to be direct imprinted with your logo for optimal aesthetic design. This is an upscale yet unexpected way to add some attention to detail to your company's offices. 


8. Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality HeadsetHave you heard of this technological advancement that is revolutionizing the way companies engage their customers? According to Entrepreneur.com, the concept of Virtual Reality has opened the door for marketers to conduct virtual tours, one-on-one engagement, and interactive commercials.

For now, your company can hop on the Virtual Reality marketing trend by giving away this Virtual Reality Headset. Recipients can use this headset with any virtual reality app on their smartphones, including iPhone and Android. People will associate your brand with cutting-edge technology when you advertise with this item.


9. Rock-It 3.0

Rock It SpeakerThis innovative item takes music to the next level by allowing you to “rock” anywhere you go! Josh Lucash, the president of OrigAudio, explains:


That’s right! This nifty speaker dubbed the Rock-It 3.0 allows you to turn pretty much any object into a speaker! If you want to advertise creativity and uniqueness, I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind product.


10. Silicone Wine Glass


This  stemless wine glass made of silicone is a fun, unexpected alternative to a traditional branded wine glass. They make for easy travel and are significantly less breakable than actual glass. Imprint them with your brand logo to make them totally your own. These are a hit at company parties and events, and they're so much more exciting for guests to receive than traditional branded glassware.


11. Oreo Logo Delight

Oreo Logo DelightI don’t know who could dislike these yummy treats! These Oreos covered in white chocolate are a complete departure from the usual branded edibles. It's not just the wrapper or the packaging that gets the promotional treatment--your full-color logo is imprinted directly on top of the cookie. 

As we mentioned in our blog about logo chocolates, edible promotions are a universal crowd-pleaser because they’re a heartwarming, personalized gift. Your brand will definitely be remembered for this tasty treat!


12. RuMe Social Boost

RuMe Social Boost is a service that combines promotional items, events, and social media campaigns into an ultra-personal, one-of-a-kind promotional product. Here's how it works:

C. Sewn Eyelets

Step One: Pick a hashtag.

Say you’re hosting a convention that you want to blow up on social media. Pick a hashtag for your event, for example, #Convention2016.

C. Sewn Eyelets

Step Two: Your audience uses the hashtag.

Event attendees will be posting selfies and other event photos on their personal social media accounts throughout the course of the event using your hashtag on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

C. Sewn Eyelets

Step Three: RuMe Social Boost does the rest!

Here's how this part works: you will pick a promotional product to brand, for example, a tote bag. Then, all of the event attendees that posted on their personal social media accounts on platforms like Instagram and Twitter with your hashtag will receive the promotional product shipped to their address with their image on it, just like this:

RuMe Social Boost

Essentially, RuMe turns your promotional investment into a social media campaign. Then, the personalized promotional product that attendees receive will go on to make impressions, in addition to increasing brand recognition. For more information about this revolutionary promotion, watch this step-by-step video of the RuMe Social Boost process:


13. Laptop Shoulder Bag

Promotional Laptop Shoulder Bag

Laptop bags are essential in the working world, so promote your company with an item that is truly useful. This laptop shoulder bag by Onsight Equipment is truly a built to last accessory that stands far apart from similar items of lower quality. Completely waterproof, this bag features a mesh padded shoulder strap and a padded computer sleeve. To please eco friendly recipients, this bag is made of 60% recycled materials. It also comes in 3 sizes to fit your needs: micro, midi, and grand.

Bags are the highest generators of impressions in the U.S. when it comes to promotional products. Just think about it: everywhere the recipient takes your bag, your brand is making impressions with everyone that sees it. That's what I call an effective promotion!


14. Brunton Power Knife

Power Knife

Next up is undoubtedly one of the most unique products on this list: the Power Knife by Brunton that combines the look of a traditional tool with technological twist. This knife actually isn’t a knife at all; it’s just shaped like a pocket knife. It contains four adapter ends that work with Apple and Android products. Charge up your devices on the go with the Power Knife - an essential for any adventurer.


15. California Innovations 12 Pocket Can Cooler

Promotional Coolers

The reason this California Innovations cooler is unlike any other is because it can hold up to 12 cans in the main compartment with room for another two in the thermal drink pockets on the top. However, this cooler is more than just storage friendly--it has functional benefits, too! It features high-density thermal insulation with leak-proof PEVA lining. Various imprinting options allow for a product fully customized to your brand.


What's next?

Now that you've got some awesome ideas for badass promotions, how are you going to use them? Here are some ways in which you can put these products to use:

C. Sewn Eyelets

Employee Appreciation Gifts

C. Sewn Eyelets

Employee Incentives

C. Sewn Eyelets

Client Appreciation/Gifts

C. Sewn Eyelets

Branded Merchandise

C. Sewn Eyelets

Office Promotions

C. Sewn Eyelets

Corporate Event Promotions

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Trade Show/Event Giveaways

With these promotion ideas in your arsenal, your marketing strategy is sure to send a powerful message about your brand's ability to please your employees and customers.

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David Houston

Written by David Houston

David’s 30 years of marketing experience bring valuable insight into every aspect of a company’s marketing approach. He naturally sees the bigger picture and has a strategic approach to marketing that is laser-focused on measurably growing his clients’ businesses.

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