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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on October 7, 2015

10 Promotional Pint Glasses for Restaurants and Bars

Custom printed pint glasses for your establishment. 


What comes to mind when you hear the words "pint glasses"?

For me, it's images of a homey, comfortable restaurant pub with home cooked meals and beer in pint glass mugs filled to the brim.  For you, it may be memories of a fancy hotel bar with tall pilsner glasses.

Whatever you picture, there's no argument in saying that a restaurant, pub, or bar is incomplete without promotional pint glasses. I believe having your company logo on quality glassware can help establish solid brand identity in the minds of your customers. Think of craft breweries. Serving craft beers in personalized pint glasses will create a defined brand image in the minds of customers by creating brand consistency.

Imprint your logo on the following 10 promotional pint glasses.

1. Branded Pint Glass

Branded Pint GlassHere is a classic branded pint glass you've probably seen in restaurants, pubs, hotels, and more. This promotional pint glass offers the cool customization option to color the bottom of the glass yellow, black, blue, orange, red, green, and lime green.

2. Custom Brewmaster Tankard

Promotional Pint GlassesI envision this promotional pint glass in an authentic Irish pub filled with frothing beer. The Brewmaster Tankard is a quality mug is about 6 inches tall, which means ample room for imprinting your company logo. 

3. Promotional Pub Glass

Promotional Pub GlassHere's a promotional pint glass for those who want a curved, sleek look. The promotional pub glass has a unique, curved shape that some people may find easier to grip.

4. Personalized Belgian Beer Glass

Personalized Belgian Beer GlassIt may look small because of its shape, but the personalized Belgian beer glass really does hold a pint! Pick from a variety of colors to imprint your logo so it matches your brand color scheme.

5. Customized Footed Pilsner

Customized Footed PilsnerIf you've been looking for the perfect promotional pint glasses for your establishment, you've probably come across the term "pilsner", which means a glass that is mostly used for lighter beers. I've also seen pilsner glasses used to serve juices at breakfast and water throughout the day. This customized footed pilsner is a classy pint glass perfect for restaurants.

6. Logo Craft Beer Glass

Logo Craft Beer GlassLogo mason jars have risen to popularity in terms of home decor, repurposing traditional items such as soap dispensers, and, of course, for drinking, according to ThinkProgress.org. Imprint your logo on a trendy commodity that will be a hit with your customers.

7. Branded Barrel Glass

Logo Barrel GlassThe branded barrel glass has a fun shape for creative establishments. This glass is in the shape of a classic barrel cooler for companies that want to maintain a classic, rustic feel.

8. Custom Pilsner Glass

Custom Pilsner GlassHere's a tall, custom pilsner glass that will add a fancy vibe to your establishment. This promotional pint glass stands at 8 inches tall. Imprint your logo in one color towards the top of the glass.

9. Promotional Player Glass

Promotional Player GlassThis promotional pint glass has the shape of a red solo cup. Despite the shape, the promotional player glass does hold a pint of liquid. This unique glass offers multicolor imprinting.

10. Personalized Mason Jar With Handle

Personalized Mason Jar with HandleHere's a cool spin on the mason jar craze, a personalized mason jar with a handle. This promotional pint glass has the classic shape of a mason jar with an added handle that may be preferable for certain customers.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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