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10 Custom Water Bottle Ideas

May 7, 2020 3 min read

10 Custom Water Bottle Ideas

It's safe to say you’ve received a branded water bottle as a giveaway at one event or another; in my experience, custom water bottles are some of the most commonly used promotional items.

25% of U.S. consumers own branded drinkware according to the Advertising Specialty Institute's (ASI) Global Advertising Specialities Impressions Study of 2014. That's proof a pretty impactful product!

Perfect for giveaways, employee gifts, customer appreciation, and more, custom water bottles serve a multitude of purposes all while featuring your brand. However, utilizing personalized water bottles as a marketing tactic isn’t as simple as it seems. Water bottles are available in hundreds of styles and diverse materials, not to mention a vast range of prices. A style that’s acceptable as a kid’s camp event giveaway may not be appropriate for an employee gift. It is important to remember that each style has its own purpose.

I’ve made a collection and list of custom water bottles to inspire ideas, but first, take a look at my answers to frequently asked questions regarding promotional water bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are custom water bottles used for?

A: I’ve seen water bottles used for a variety of purposes: employee summer events, employee recognition, all sorts of school events, kid’s camps, sports teams, races, and even as hotel souvenirs! It just goes to show that there is an appropriate water bottle for each use.

Q: What types of water bottles are there?

A: There are three main materials that water bottles are most commonly made out of: plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. Plastic water bottles are cost-effective for large giveaway events like a college accepted student’s day, while stainless steel water bottles are more expensive and would serve as a great employee gift. Aluminum water bottles are often used as a substitute for stainless steel, as it is more cost-effective and has the same look and feel as stainless steel.

Q: What features and aesthetics are available?

A: Lots! For instance, almost all branded water bottles are now BPA free. When it comes to colors and styles, it all comes down to your preference and intended use for the water bottles. For example, you may prefer a screw on top as opposed to a squeezable bottle with a push-pull drinking spout.

Q: How will my logo be featured?

A: A great perk of using water bottles as a promotional product is the free space available to broadcast your brand. Most water bottles feature ample space for a logo imprint.

Q: What is the production time?

A: Water bottles have a pretty standard production time, just like any other promotional product. Allow 7 – 12 working days for production time.

Now, let’s kick off your search with 10 inspiring custom water bottle ideas.

1. Promotional Easy Squeezy 24-oz. Sports Bottle

Cheap Promotional Plastic Sports Bottle

When it comes to large event giveaways like races or kid’s camps, you’ll want a basic, cost-effective water bottle like this one. The Easy Squeezy 24 oz. Sports Bottle has a simple, twist-on lid and can feature your logo in multiple colors.

2. Custom 25 oz. Aluminum Bike Bottle

Custom Aluminum Water Bottle

Looking for a water bottle with a sleek look to showcase at your outdoor sports event? This branded 25 oz. Aluminum Bike Bottle has the feel of stainless steel and comes with a split ring.

3. Branded Faucet Sport Bottle 27 oz.

Custom Reusable Water Bottles

I like the clean look and style of this bottle for health and fitness related events. The 27 oz. Faucet Sport Bottle has a screw on lid that allows for easy transportability.

4. Personalized Snapshut Bottle

Snapshut Bottle

The personalized Snapshut Bottle gets its name from its self-closing valve lid. This feature makes this bottle a great giveaway for athletic events like marathons and charity walks and runs.

5. Customized Poly-Clear 30 oz. Gripper Bottle

Logo Water Bottles

This style is one of my favorite custom water bottles because it comes in lots of fun colors and is leak resistant. Made in the USA, the Poly-Clear 30 oz. Gripper Bottle is especially easy to hold and easy to clean, as it does not retain odor or taste.

6. Promotional Sparton BPA Free Water Bottle 30 oz

Gym Water Bottles

This sturdy water bottle is perfect if you’re looking to feature your logo along with a short message. The Sparton BPA Free Water Bottle also has a carabiner handle on the lid making it easier to carry. Perfect for sports teams and sports events!

7. Custom Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle with Custom Box

Water Bottle and Box

The custom Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle with Custom Box has a unique look and feel. It is stainless steel vacuum insulated and can keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours.

8. Branded 24 oz. Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Neon Water Bottle

I like this Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle because of its funky shape and neon colors. The bright colors are great for upbeat, college accepted student’s days in the warm spring weather.

9. Personalized Baltic Collection Water Bottle

Plastic Reusable Water Bottles

This larger water bottle is perfect for any physical activities event where hydration is needed! The Baltic Collection Water Bottle holds 32 ounces of liquid and has a measurement scale on the side.

10. Customized Camelbak .75 Liter eddy

Customized Camelbak .75 Liter eddy

I like this water bottle because of its unique ergonomic high flow spout and two-finger carry handle. This popular drinking design on the .75 Liter Eddy makes for a high quality water bottle.

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