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Inbound Marketing Case Study: Manufacturing Company


Time for a game plan: how a manufacturer began generating qualified online leads

When Flex-A-Seal first realized that their website wasn’t generating enough traffic and converting enough leads, their initial idea was to solve the problem with a new website. But at DMG, we aren’t satisfied with simply putting a bandage on a situation.

We built Flex-A-Seal a new site, but we also helped them develop a complete strategic inbound marketing plan , from assembling a savvy internal marketing team to creating lead generation and nurturing workflows. Now their website is more than a brochure—it’s a lead-generating machine that’s constantly working for them.

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inbound website for manufacturing company

Building brand recognition through SEO and content marketing

When a manufacturing company in Vermont can dominate the search results for their industry and get in front of the big national brands, it truly shows the power of search engine optimization. We performed a complete SEO overhaul of the Flex-A-Seal website and centered our content campaigns around important targeted keywords to increase organic website traffic by over 95%.

inbound marketing results for manufacturing company

Inbound marketing increases conversions and nurtures leads

Visits to Flex-A-Seal’s contact page increased by 30% when they began generating more website traffic. But not every website visitor is ready to reach out right away. DMG designed and implemented an inbound marketing campaign that allows visitors to download helpful, valuable information from Flex-A-Seal while we capture their information. They then go into a lead nurturing cycle; they continue to receive useful information, and we track their behavior so that Flex-A-Seal sales reps are dealing with only the warmest, most qualified leads.

manufacturing company inbound marketing

International website increases leads by 2000%

With a manufacturing facility in Brazil, Flex-A-Seal wanted to grow their component seal sales in the Spanish-speaking market. DMG created flexaseal.mx, a Spanish- language microsite aimed specifically at the needs of South American customers. With no other natively Spanish sites in the sealing industry breaking into this market, Flex-A-Seal quickly saw a huge increase in leads from South America. With the increase in website traffic, they were able to grow their component seal sales.

"Those new leads produced a significant amount of new business in multiple countries and industries across Latin America. Sales increased 400% since 2013. We have limited personnel on the ground in these countries, so we depend heavily on our website-generated inbound leads and requests." --Anthony Esposito, International Sales, Flex-A-Seal

manufacturer inbound website

Social positioning creates industry thought leadership

Social media has played an important role in supporting Flex-A-Seal’s inbound marketing efforts. While they previously focused their attentions on Facebook, DMG shifted the effort toward LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn is where the Flex-A-Seal buyer persona is more open and receptive to engaging in industry conversations. DMG provided a social posting, prospecting, and engagement plan as well as LinkedIn training for key sales reps and executives. Flex-A-Seal increased their social followers by 800% and positioned their brand in a leadership role within the fluid sealing industry.

social media marketing for manufacturing companies

Client Testimonial

Marianna Effron

Director of Marketing at Flex-A-Seal

We made the right choice when we hired Delta. After our new website was launched, our sales saw noticeable improvement right away thanks to an online advertising campaign that continues to drive new business from around the world. Delta helps us with analytics and reporting to gauge how we're doing and how we can keep getting better.

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