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Inbound Marketing Case Study: Insulation Contractor

NCMI (North Country Mechanical Insulators)

Strategic positioning increases small business growth

As a growing local company in a niche industry, North Country Mechanical Insulators faced several marketing challenges. They needed a strategic positioning and messaging plan that would resonate with their Buyer Personas, educate their prospects, and position them as a respected thought leader in their industry.

The right message makes a difference

DMG helped NCMI develop a positioning strategy that elevated their company and their brand in the eyes of their ideal buyers. We helped NCMI highlight the WHY of their business, not the WHAT, positioning them as "energy advocates" and not simply insulators.

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Dominating industry search results through SEO

NCMI is in an industry that is only searched but so much online. That makes it even more crucial that NCMI appears on the front page for a large variety of keywords. DMG optimized the NCMI website for local search through individual web pages as well as on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Now NCMI dominates the local search results for their industry.

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Creating content that attracts and educates prospects

In order to convert prospects and position NCMI as a thought leader within their industry, DMG created content campaigns centered on a Hub & Spoke strategy in order to attract more qualified website traffic and educate online prospects. We wrote blog articles and eBooks focused around targeted topics to increase organic website traffic, demonstrate industry knowledge, and turn NCMI into the first choice for mechanical insulation in Vermont.

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Increasing brand visibility with social media

To increase marketing reach and online presence, DMG helped NCMI to maximize their use of social media. We provided LinkedIn strategy and training, and maintained NCMI’s social media accounts by posting relevant content regularly.

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Outbound effort driving measurable opportunities

Even with an increase in website traffic and a solid social presence, much of the insulation industry is still rooted in relationships and real conversations. We helped NCMI develop a direct mail campaign that specifically targeted institutions and commercial properties. Instead of taking a “push and pray” approach, we paired the letter campaign with a dedicated website landing page to capture lead information.

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Jason Baron

Client Testimonial

Jason Barron

President at NCMI


From Day One working with Delta, there has always been a plan. Starting with our rebranding and carrying through to where we are today, my marketing team has always had a clear vision. There was never a feeling of, ‘let’s just throw money at this and see if it works.’ Delta works closely with me so that it’s easy to see where we’re trying to go and how we’re going to get there.


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