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Marketing Case Study: Engineering Firm

Finley Engineering

How a large engineering firm streamlined their approach to marketing materials and saved 50%.

The challenge

With over 60 years of experience, Finley is one of the most recognizable names in energy, network, and telecommunications engineering in the Midwest. As an established brand with expansion on the horizon, Finley needed to refresh their identity to incorporate their tagline, Integrity into Everything. They then needed to streamline the process of ordering print materials for their separate offices.

With 11 locations across the Midwest, Finley’s approach to ordering print materials was decentralized and disorganized. Each location ordered print, promotions and marketing materials independently, leading to a lack of control over the new brand standards. Working with too many different vendors was a drain on accounting resources and did not allow for consistent pricing through the regions.

"When I joined [Finley Engineering], our offices were decentralized in their approach to ordering business cards and letterhead."

Barb Ostrander, Director of Marketing at Finley Engineering

The solution

To reintroduce Finley Engineering as the top provider for all networking, telecommunications and energy engineering solutions in the Midwest, DMG completely redesigned the brand’s fleet of external communications materials, including presentation folders, case studies, sales brochures and even whitepapers. We also designed print ads and email marketing that incorporated Finley’s new tagline to maintain consistency.

When the time came to reintroduce Finley to clients and prospects, DMG was able to stay true to their brand while making an impact in the cleanest way possible. People in the engineering industry are technical, so our first task was to design business cards, letterhead, envelopes and business printing that communicated Finley’s innovative nature.

Paper collateral like a direct mail newsletter provides Finley’s clients with a welcome break from the barrage of electronic media. We designed, printed and delivered a direct mail campaign that helped Finley improve their response rate.

marketing for engineering firms

Simplifying the way marketing materials are ordered.

In order to streamline Finley’s process of ordering print and marketing collateral across their 11 locations, we also provided them with a customized Delta 360 online store. Employees at each Finley location can log on to their store and easily view products, order history, and product details, including when and how much they last ordered. Placing orders online integrates seamlessly with DMG’s production and fulfillment facilities.

engineering firm marketing

The results

As a result of DMG’s creative services, print services and Delta 360 store, Finley Engineering employees can design, proof and order business cards, brochures, direct mail, advertising and more right from their desktopsThe spend less time managing print since they don’t have to wait for proofs, eliminate costly overruns, and avoid out-of-date materials. Finley’s Delta 360 store offers detailed reports that can be accessed any time online, in addition tocCost center accounting, open order reporting, usage reports, inventory, and customizable reporting options that translate into control of spending.

marketing results for engineering firms
Barb Ostrander

Client Testimonial

Barb Ostrander

Director of Marketing at Finley Engineering

Delta Marketing’s creative and printing services have enabled my company the opportunity to develop world-class marketing collateral on a modest budget. When I joined my company, our seven offices were decentralized in their approach to ordering business cards and letterhead, and by utilizing Delta’s online service our prices for these business staples were reduced on average 50%.

I’ve trusted Delta as a preferred marketing partner for 15 years and have hired them through three career moves to new companies following acquisitions. With each company, Delta assisted us in developing marketing collateral and identity pieces. I have also worked with Delta to create a company website and many direct mail projects. The fact I have repeatedly hired Delta myself, knowing they will make my life as a marketing director easier and our brand stronger is the best testament I can give to their services.

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