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This regional company became a national powerhouse with inbound marketing

This regional company became a national powerhouse with Inbound Marketing

Recognizing it was time for a new approach

FireProTec was a regional fire suppression system service company with ambitions to grow. But its efforts with traditional marketing techniques like direct mail, print advertising and email marketing weren’t generating leads. 

As CEO Robert Gauthier began evaluating his marketing spending at a traditional agency, he recognized that it wasn’t measurable, nor did it provide ROI that justified continuing with traditional marketing. His goal was to grow FireProTec regionally with a different approach —but he wasn’t entirely sure what that should look like. The initial discovery meeting with DMG was spirited, to say the least.

This is exactly what was missing.

Client Success Storie Testimonial

“Delta displayed sincere interest in our company and our success from the beginning.” explains Gauthier.

What wasn't working

Gauthier shared “we have no idea if our marketing is working and we are certainly not receiving new leads from our website.”   

It was evident that they could afford a robust inbound marketing campaign after they shared how much all of the disjointed marketing actually was costing them.

  • Traditional marketing provided no data that it was generating new business.
  • They did not have a written marketing plan or smart goals.
  • The FireProTec website was not optimized to attract and convert visitors through the use of lead-capture forms nor was it responsive.
  • FireProTec’s presence elsewhere on the web (such as Google and social media platforms) was disjointed and not aligned with other digital marketing efforts.
  • There was no system in place to track marketing results and conversions.

They recognized they needed strategy before tactics

During the immersion meeting with DMG, a magical transformation took place as Gauthier shared the company’s goals, challenges, and opportunities. 

"Our relationship with DMG began with a comprehensive marketing plan that provided FireProTec with a clear direction and I feel like someone finally understands what we do and recognizes the opportunities we have," said Gauthier.

DMG implemented a 30-day “quick wins” program to repair the company’s local search and make quick adjustments to the website so we could implement HubSpot’s CRM to begin capturing leads and data. At the end of the discovery period, DMG prepared and presented a 50-page strategic marketing plan that identified tactics for long-term growth.

Results: Increased website traffic, leads and sales

Their website traffic, which had been stagnant up to that point, increased month-over-month almost immediately. And in just 8 months, FireProTec’s organic website traffic grew from 133 visits per month to 7,897. New leads increased by 350%.

Even with pressure from local competition FireProTec experienced an increase in sales that was directly attributable to the inbound marketing campaigns.  FireProTec trusted DMG’s agile approach of continual improvement. Today, traffic continues to accelerate on the company website.

FireProTec’s employees became brand advocates when their new website and creative was launched, further increasing brand awareness and reach.

1,621% increase in website visits (759 to 13,066)

826% increase in page views (1,158 to 10,720)

3,233% increase in monthly new contacts (3 to 915)

Client Success Storie Testimonial

"There are few vendors with whom we have had such and long and successful relationship as Delta Marketing Group. We completely changed the direction of our digital marketing to a lead generating program that has provided us with leads for our sales reps and a better R.O.I. on our marketing investment. Delta has delivered in every respect."

Robert Gauthier, President of FireProTec

Robert Gauthier, President of FireProTec

Could lightning strike twice?

FireProTec recently joined the national Impact Fire network. Impact Fire’s leaders were so impressed by DMG’s success at FireProTec they hired the agency to duplicate the results at a national level. With its national presence Impact Fire is able to leverage the FireProTec content and contacts to support its large network of sales teams.

Onward and upward.

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