Why USA-Made Promotional Products Make Smart Corporate Gifts

USA made promotional products are the solution to shipping delays and supply chain issues. Here are some of our favorite American-made gift ideas.

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Why USA-Made Promotional Products Make Smart Corporate Gifts

Buying early is one way to beat supply chain issues. But that's not always possible. Luckily, if you’re a bit behind the curve, we’ve seen a solution arise. USA-made promotional items might rescue your corporate gifts. 

Along with choosing products with deep inventory, investing in domestic-made products is a smart way to dodge overseas shipping delays. Though we can’t promise your gifts will arrive on time, there’s a lot less working against you when you purchase an American-made product. 

The benefits of domestic-made gifts even go beyond overcoming supply chain challenges. Buying USA-made promotional products can help provide transparency, social compliance, and sustainability - all important qualities that buyers prioritize and look for in the brands they support. 

We won’t leave you to guess how. Here are 3 reasons why USA-made promotional products make smart corporate gifts.

1. You Know Where USA-Made Promotional Products Come From 

American manufacturers have strict health and safety standards, as well as domestic labor laws to comply with. It’s not as easy to track the quality standards foreign manufacturers follow. When you purchase domestically, you know exactly what your getting, and what types of conditions this product was made in. American manufacturing standards are high quality, so you know the product you’ll get in return will reflect these strict guidelines. Having the confidence knowing you’re investing in a well-made product will allow you to deliver a better gift experience to recipients.

2. USA-Made Promotional Products Support a Larger Mission

In the B2C world, we’ve all been exposed to the “buy local” movement. That trend doesn’t just apply to customers purchasing items for their personal use. B2B buyers are also looking to support brands that buy locally while doing their part to contribute to society. Investing in USA-Made promotional products is a way to align your business with a larger cause. By purchasing American-made gifts, you’ll support job creation in the U.S., boost the American economy, and help prioritize American companies.

3. USA-Made Promotional Products Make Your Gifts More Sustainable 

The sustainability movement is driving purchasing decisions. More and more people prefer to support brands that are making responsible business decisions for the environment. Products manufactured overseas have a long journey either by truck, train, plane, or boat. This type of travel releases more carbon emissions than a shorter journey from a USA-based manufacturer. Supporting American-made promotional products is another way to showcase to your audience that you prioritize decreasing your companies carbon footprint. 

What are Some Trending USA-Made Promotional Gifts? 

Now that we understand why investing in USA-made promotional products is a smart move, let’s discuss some product ideas. There’s a lot of different locally sourced options out there. Here are some of our favorite USA-made product lines. 

Fresh Food Gifts

Sweet and savory treats make classic corporate gifts. They also offer a level of comfort that leaves lasting impressions on corporate clients or employees. Fresh food from local and domestic facilities will provide a higher quality gift to recipients while helping to mitigate shipping delays. 

Batch & Bodega Fresh Snacks

This unique brand offers a line of fresh small-batch snacks. Pick from themed kits or customized collections of your own choice. The Batch and Bodega collection includes unique snacks, baked goods, cakes, and even ice cream from small-batch makers and artisan food shops all across the U.S. It’s a great way to support local entrepreneurs while avoiding long shipping delays. Plus, each food basket or treat comes with a unique story behind its brand, which helps create a more memorable and delicious gifting experience. 

Here are some of our top picks from Batch and Bodega.

Maple Ridge Farms Food Gifts

This Wisconsin-based company offers a wide variety of made-from-scratch baked goods, as well as ice cream, smoked meats, high-quality cheese, and premium packaging to match. They have an extensive product line of made in the USA food gifts to choose from. The company supports sustainable and eco-friendly efforts too. Less than 3% of any gift needs to be sent to a landfill, and the majority of items come in reusable boxes or are made with natural materials. 

Here are some of their USA made food gift options:

Fairytale Brownies

This Arizona-based business prides itself on baking homemade brownies using a treasured family recipe, with all fresh ingredients, including real butter, fresh eggs, and chocolate. All of the baking and packaging customizations are done at their location in Arizona. Their fresh food line includes individually wrapped kosher brownies, blondie bars, and cookies. They’re a brand with a story too. Lifelong childhood friends set out to bring to life a dream they had back in grade school, and Fairytale Brownies began. 

Fairytale Brownies offers a variety of different-sized bundles, customized packaging, and treats based on personal preferences. Here are some of our favorite USA-made treats:

Fresh Beginnings Gourmet Treats

This is another USA-based company that sources all its ingredients from the country. With a staff of just 30 people, cookie packages are handmade from special recipes with fresh and premium ingredients. Each gourmet selection includes cookies, brownies, pretzels, nuts, or chocolate-dipped treats. What we love most is that each tasty gift comes packed in a personalized tin, and includes unique personalization options that can be catered to your target recipients. 

Choose from a variety of tin sizes, packaging options, and customize each gift with a logo, photo, or four-color artwork. Here are some of our favorites: 

Personal Care Gifts 

Items that help recipients unwind, relax and destress can make excellent gifts, especially during the holiday season. Often, these are items that people wouldn’t typically think of buying for themselves. Giving a gift that encourages clients or employees to take a moment for themselves shows recipients that you care about them as humans. 

Raining Rose Care Items

This company produces and manufactures personal care products like lip balm, lotions, and sanitizer in its facility in Cedar Rapids, IA. Though they source natural ingredients from all over the world, the company stocked up and has ensured they have deep inventory to keep up with demand through the holiday season. The ingredients sourced globally, like African beeswax, helps to support the economic stability of villages in Africa. Raining Rose handles the whole manufacturing process, from blending and fill to printing and shipping, giving them more flexibility and control. Plus, any globally sourced ingredients are subjected to strict compliance standards and tested upon arrival to the facility. 

Here are some of our favorite gift items from Raining Rose: 

Snugz USA Care Items

Just as the name implies, this company offers a whole line of Made in USA personal products, among other branded swag items. Their story started in a dusty, cramped Utah attic in 1989 with just 5 friends who had a dream. Now they’ve expanded to offer a wide variety of USA-made products, all designed, customized, and stitched together within the Utah facility. Our favorite Made in USA items also come from their deep stock inventory, making them much more likely to arrive in time for holiday orders: 

Branded Accessories

Finally, high-end, quality accessories with brand forward messaging can make a memorable gift with a long-lasting staying power. Many branded accessories made in America are both ethically sourced and sustainable. Not only do you get a useful and durable product, but you get to support a mission-driven brand with a story. 

Moop Canvas Bags from PCNA

These high-end canvas bags are designed and manufactured in Seattle, Washington. The female-owned company prides itself in creating fashionable, yet simple, 100% waterproof cotton canvas tote bags. It’s also a small business with a unique story. Recipients will love the retail feel of these unique bags and that they’re supporting a local entrepreneur. Here are our favorite options from Moop: 

USA Made Promotional Products Give Mission & Purpose to Corporate Gifts

USA-made promotional products might cost slightly more than foreign-made options. But the investment makes sense once you recognize USA-made gifts not only help avoid overseas supply chain issues but also ensure there’s a mission and a purpose behind your efforts. Businesses made and born in the USA have a story. They represent an American identity. By giving a high-quality product, that not only is unique in and of itself but comes from a unique and cause-worthy brand, you’ll be one step closer to connecting with your recipients in a meaningful way. 

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