Promotional Items for Charity Runs and Walks: Encourage Your Cause!

These promotional items for charity runs and walks will advance your efforts and allow for optimal brand exposure.

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Promotional Items for Charity Runs and Walks: Encourage Your Cause!

Charity runs and walks are large-scale events that can influence hundreds of people. Promotional items used as giveaways for these occasions provide an excellent opportunity to raise widespread awareness of your organization and its cause. The following promotional products are not only useful for participants but also highly effective in increasing your brand exposure.

1. Branded Pedometer

Logo Pedometers

Motivate participants with this branded Pedometer, an ideal giveaway for charity runs and walks. This cost-effective device tracks steps and distance when mounted on a hand or hip, encouraging participants to stay active and engaged. It's a practical and affordable way to support your cause, boost morale, and promote your brand throughout the event. Personalize it with your logo to leave a lasting impression on every participant.

2. Custom 24-oz. Trinity Sports Water Bottle

24 oz Polysure Trinity Sports Water Bottle

Keep your participants hydrated with the custom 24 oz Trinity Sports Water Bottle. This bottle features a convenient push-pull lid and squeezable material for easy use during physical activities. Water bottles are a fantastic giveaway, with 25% of Americans owning logoed drinkware. Personalize these bottles to promote your organization or cause, ensuring your brand stays visible and appreciated long after the event.

3. Promotional Non-Woven Hit Sports Pack

Custom Drawstring Bags

Drawstring backpacks are useful promotional items that people use regularly. The promotional Non-Woven Hit Sports Pack has a drawstring closure and is water resistant. Distribute it on its own or stuffed with event essentials like a water bottle, t-shirt, wristband, and more.

4. Personalized Single Color Laser Engraved Bracelet

Custom Rubber Bracelets

Spread awareness for your cause with the personalized Single Color Laser Engraved Bracelet. Participants will wear these bracelets at your run or walk event and keep them as a keepsake afterward.

5. Customized Maxi Mini Fan


Keep participants cool with this customized Mini Fan. Perfect for active users, this portable fan features a belt clip and break-away lanyard for easy transport. For added luxury, upgrade to a mini fan with a spray feature The fans are available in a variety of colors and can be personalized with your logo to create a memorable, practical giveaway that will keep your brand front and center during and after the event.

6. Logoed T-Shirt

Logo T-Shirts

Outfit your racers with a logoed T-shirt. We have unisex, men's, women's, and children's T-shirts for you to pick from in our T-shirt collection here. A custom T-shirt is a timeless gift that will always remind participants of your organization and the specific event.

7. Branded Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack

Aqua Pearls Hot and Cold Packs

Soothe post-race aches or cool down with the branded Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack. Perfect as a giveaway, this versatile pack can be microwaved for warmth or frozen for cooling relief. Hand them out pre-cooled at the end of the event for immediate refreshment and comfort.

8. Custom Budget Kooler Bag

Personalized Custom Logo Coolers

Store refreshments for your participants in the custom Budget Kooler Bag. Find this cooler and others in our custom cooler collection. You can keep cool drinks in this cooler available for runners at your welcome table and at the end of the race or walk.

9. Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional Sunglasses

This giveaway is perfect if your charity run or walk is taking place on a hot, sunny summer day. Hand out promotional Sunglasses imprinted with your logo on the arms.

10. Personalized Sunscreen Face Stick

Personalized Sunscreen Face Stick

Make sure your event is sun safe with these protective handouts. These personalized SPF 30 Face Sticks are small enough to be toted along during the race or walk for easy use. Your logo will be silkscreen imprinted on the tube.

11. Customized Wearable Safety Light


Reward top finishers with this customized EZ See Wearable Safety Light, an essential for nighttime exercisers. This armband ensures visibility and safety with its bright LED lights, making it perfect for exercising on or near roads. Personalize it with your logo to provide a valuable, practical prize that promotes your cause and keeps participants safe during their nighttime workouts.

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