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Website Redesign and Content Campaign Created Foundation for Success Online

Meet ANS

ANS Advanced Network Services is a telecommunications company specializing in cell tower construction, in-building wireless networks, and DC power systems. Understanding the power of a strong online presence for recognition within their industry, ANS knew they needed to move away from a static, brochure-style website towards a website focused on generating leads.  Before they could start using their website as a lead generation tool, they needed help building a foundation for success.

What wasn’t working

  • Low website health score with many issues prevented the website from being used to drive business
  • Lack of brand awareness: despite 25+ years in the industry, many people still didn’t know what ANS did
  • Most marketing was done through trade shows, events, and word-of-mouth

Here is what we did

Quick Wins

After auditing the existing ANS website and other digital assets, we strategized some immediate actions that would dramatically improve ANS’s online presence. We implemented a series of updates to quickly being attracting the right kind of traffic and tracking results. These quick wins included:

  • Uncovering and removing pages of black hat SEO (keyword-stuffed pages that were causing the website to have low trust among search engines)
  • Fixing on-page SEO errors that were negatively impacting search rankings
  • Setting up marketing automation software and beginning to track marketing and website performance
  • Implementing new landing pages and calls-to-action to begin generating leads through the website
website redesign

We designed and developed a new ANS website focused on boosting brand visibility, improving user experience, and creating conversion paths for lead generation. Through the website redesign process, we developed new positioning and messaging for ANS to shift the perception of their brand.

Content marketing

The ANS team has so much knowledge and experience, but it was not being effectively shared with their customers and prospects. We created an ongoing content marketing program for ANS that included blog articles, long-form pillar pages, and social media publication to increase audience engagement.

Paid search Advertising

To boost brand recognition and increase qualified traffic to ANS’s service-related website pages, we launched Google Ads campaigns. The top-of-funnel campaigns were targeted to specific geographic regions that encompass ANS’s service area.

Building the Foundation for an Effective Online Presence

The new ANS website was launched to optimize the company’s online presence and create strategic paths for website visitors to convert into leads. But the website did something more—it helped ANS begin to shift their brand perception to one of thought leadership. The new website, combined with content publishing, increased recognition among industry peers and customers.

  • Home page
  • Landing Page
  • Service Page
  • Solution Brief
  • Pillar Page
ANS Corporate Landing Page
ANS Corporate Service Page

Within a short amount of time, we were able to increase the ANS website’s health score (searchability and usability) by more than 70%.

October 2017

February 2018

Website Health Score

Through a combination of content creation, content promotion, and paid search, the ANS website traffic increased over 150 percent year-over-year. The quality of traffic also shifted, going from irrelevant international traffic to visitors within ANS’s service area.

Website Sessions and Contacts

Website Sessions and Contacts

Results Recap

  • Generated a 155% increase in website traffic year over year
  • Increased searchability and usability of the website by over 70%
  • Built thought leadership and improved brand perception through content marketing

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