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Web Design

Paraclete High School

A private, Catholic high school in the Los Angeles school district needed help to increase admissions numbers after a steady decline over previous years. 

A prestigious, college prep school, Paraclete needed to bring their plain old Wordpress website from 2010 into the modern age to attract families and students looking for a competitive, tech-forward education. 

With the help of HubSpot, the digital team at DMG started redesigning their 250+ page website with a growth driven approach. Pages teachers needed to update stayed the same, but important conversion and information pages were redesigned to attract and convert interested parents with helpful resources and guides parents need when selecting the right fit high school for their child.

In 16 months of data tracking, admissions leads skyrocketed up 60%, from 216 to 430, with an average of 20 new leads coming through the website each month.