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How a healthcare company grew their audience through a successful rebrand

Find out how this seasonal supply company generated year-round demand through a new approach

Because of Cecelia

Then named Fit4D, the company specializes in coaching individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes. Positive clinical results were pouring in, but the company needed to increase its brand awareness in order to continue to reach new patients and continue their revolutionary work. 

David Weingard, the company’s founder, says his life was transformed by a remarkable diabetes educator named Cecelia, whose persistent care for her patients inspired him to found a healthcare technology company for people with chronic diseases like diabetes.

Client Success Storie Testimonial

"Our mission is to scale this personalized approach using a blend of clinical coaching and technology to transform the lives of people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Today, we rename our company Cecelia Health (formerly Fit4D) in honor of my first CDE and all the health educators who improve lives every day."

Poised on the edge of explosive growth

Chief Operating Officer Barry Kurland approached DMG to assist with a pivotal marketing moment for the startup company, which was poised on the edge of explosive growth. 

Kurland recognized that the name Fit4D didn't have the story or brand recognition to scale. He shared the story of the company founder so naturally, it made sense to change the company name to Cecelia. 

But this came within months of a scheduled relaunch that required strategy and a brand activation campaign.

The internal marketing team at Fit4D needed backup. Their previous marketing agency hadn’t made a ripple, which was a blow to Fit4D’s growth plans. Additionally, the brand no longer aligned with the company’s mission and vision of the future. The need for effective and measurable marketing was time-sensitive as Fit4D prepared for a national conference to announce a rebrand. 

In the wake of the disappointing agency experience, DMG had a lot of ground to make up and prove two things to leadership quickly:

  • A digital marketing rebrand campaign was a measurable method to launch a new name and company vision
  • A long-term strategic marketing plan was also necessary to identify exactly who their target audience is and how to reach them for the months and years after the initial rebrand campaign

Giddyup DMG

With only a few months before the rebrand launch announcement at a national conference, DMG had three initiatives to complete.  We began by implementing a 30-day “quick wins” program which included implementing HubSpot and migrating their existing website to the HubSpot software to begin capturing leads and data.

#1 Brand Development

If you have ever been involved in a brand development project you understand how many hours it takes to get this right. Luckily, the Fit4D team was up for the challenge and made the commitment to work with DMG in order to complete this project quickly. Read about the brand development featured in Startup Health Magazine.

#2 Strategic Marketing Plan

Within 45 days we completed a comprehensive 50-page Strategic Marketing Plan with client-specific research to set up Fit4D for a robust marketing approach to continuously grow brand awareness and attract and nurture prospective customers. 

#3 Rebrand Rollout Campaign

While the DMG team was preparing the final SMP, a comprehensive 30 day plan was created for the preparation of a robust rebrand campaign, so that the moment the founder took the stage at the Startup Health Festival to unveil the new name and brand, the company website, digital profiles, and all digital assets would also reflect the change. 

In order to capitalize on the Startup Health Festival, Delta implemented a paid search strategy to increase brand awareness to in-market audiences at the conference and at attending companies. We also stepped up  advertising on social media channels to increase the reach of brand awareness.

The rebrand campaign itself needed to realign current customers while also connecting to future and prospective customers, so DMG constructed the campaign around the story behind the rebrand. 

Brand Activation campaign results:

The new brand was rolled out to the public with fanfare on January 7th. From the previous month of December through the end of January, the website brought in more traffic, resulting in 182% more page views and 71% more submissions.

Because the overall objective was “to maximize reach across digital channels within the set budget”, impressions from social media were also compiled to assess the brand rollout’s success. 

Organic Facebook Results
Overall Reach 2,529 Organic Impressions
Overall Engagement 354 Likes, Shares, Reactions or Comments
Overall Engagement Rate 14%
Channel Reached Audience
Google Network 5,254
LinkedIn Organic Reach 2,899
LinkedIn Paid Reach 3,396
Facebook 2,529
Website 1,494
Total Reach: 15,572

In the end, DMG’s strategic rollout campaign and careful competitive ad spend allowed Cecelia Health to reach a national audience at a pivotal moment in their company’s history, and to date is quickly growing awareness with a new, improved brand identity.

200% increase in submissions in one month

61% increase from inbound traffic sources in 30 days

257% increase in conversions over 6 months

Client Success Storie Testimonial

"From Day 1, David and his team have worked tirelessly to provide thoughtful insights. During the rebrand, they provided the direction we needed to align our brand and our new company mission when we needed it the most. Everyday life at a New York startup moves fast - the team at Delta Marketing Group was with our team at every pivot to provide best practices and strategies to meet our needs while elevating our digital marketing."

Barry Kurland

Barry Kurland, Chief Operating Officer - Cecelia Health

So what’s next for Cecelia Health

It's amazing what a company can discover about itself through continued investment in its buyer personas. Through the strategic rebrand and renewed alignment with patient care, Cecelia Health is able to reach new audiences and connect to new patients with their expanding solutions for chronic diseases beyond just diabetes.

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