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Learn How this Digital Marketing Agency Uses Branded Swag to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

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Goal: Deepen Customer & Employee Engagement

Bowe Digital is a full-service marketing agency that operates remotely. With 100+ clients globally and a team that works virtually, they were looking for a way to create better connections with both their clients and their employees. In several cases, they don’t have the opportunity to meet with their clients face to face, so they needed a way to personalize their brand and customer experience.

Challenge: Finding Promotional Products that Generate Brand Recognition

Bowe Digital recognized the power that promotional products, swag, and corporate gifts could have. But they also knew that for giveaways to be successful, they needed to resonate with their personas while reflective of the services they offered. Finding the right promotional product distributor was key. 

“I knew that we needed to give away swag. In 2017, we started with cheap post-it notes from some online company, but it wasn’t enough.” Wayne Stanley, Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer of Bowe Digital said. “We needed something that set us apart from everyone else. We wanted to be known for giving away products of a certain quality, and that matched the quality of work we were doing for clients.” 

That’s when Bowe Digital found our team of brand consultants at Delta Marketing Group, and a relationship began to form. They were impressed with the creative and innovative strategy used by our team to understand their goals and select products based on their ideal personas. 

Client Success Storie Testimonial

"The difference was they listened and guided us. Delta Marketing Group’s ideas were really above par compared to so many others, but by understanding our clients and our needs, they were able to help set our brand apart from other companies."

Wayne Stanley - Owner & Chief Inspiration Officer

Wayne Stanley, Owner & Chief Inspiration Officer

Solution: The Right Gifts that Reflect a High-Quality Brand

When searching for high-quality promotional items that reflect the value of Bowe Digital’s services, it was important to find new, forward-thinking, and trending products. As a digital marketing agency, any giveaways they invested in needed to reflect the innovative minds behind the Bowe Digital brand. 

Our team came up with unique items for the marketing agency to hand out at tradeshows, as client gifts, and even as employee engagement incentives. Some of the branded items Bowe Digital invested in were: 

When it came to employee engagement, one of the most successful gifts that set the Bowe Digital brand apart was a customized Mr. Boom boombox


“We personalized each one with each of our team member’s actual name on it, and people lost their minds over it. They weren’t even that expensive; it was definitely worth the investment.” Wayne said. 

All the swag and promotional products purchased by Bowe Digital were used either as giveaways at live events, booths at trade shows, gifts for clients, virtual event swag, or even as sponsored items. 

To promote further brand engagement, Bowe Digital got creative with their swag items. Our team worked together with them to send out beach kits, including branded sunscreen, aloe vera, and customized sunglasses. The kit included a CTA asking recipients to post photos with their swag items under a branded hashtag, and the winner with the best photo would receive a free T.V. In return, Bowe Digital created a personalized brand connection with their customers, while receiving user-generated content that could be used in future marketing campaigns.

Our team continues to work with Bowe Digital to come up with creative ways to promote their brand beyond just a branded swag item. Through creative contests, high-quality customized gifts, and strategic messaging, Bowe Digital has created a unique name for itself, even among the highly saturated industry of digital marketing. 

branded swag for digital marketing agency
unique company swag ideas

The Results: Steady Pipeline Growth

Bowe Digital has a closing rate of above 89 percent. So they know, if they can get just a few leads from each tradeshow they go to, they have a pretty high chance of converting them into customers. That’s why it was so important to the team at Bowe to find a way to personalize, humanize, and make their brand stand out in a crowded space. 

Bowe Digital was on a mission to find high-quality promotional products and corporate gifts that reflected the superiority of their brand. And they found it through a partnership with Delta Marketing. 

“People wouldn’t come to our booth if we didn’t have great stuff,” Wayne said. “Our work is great, and we know that. That’s why we need to have superior products that reflect our superior services.”

Client Success Storie Testimonial

“Every conference that we go to now, we get at least one new client. I’d happily share that credit to the team at Delta."

Bowe Digital Owner Wayne Stanley

Wayne Stanley, Owner & Chief Inspiration Officer

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