Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas That Teachers Will Actually Like

Show teachers how much you appreciate everything they do. Here are 9 teacher appreciation week gift ideas that teachers will actually like.

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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas That Teachers Will Actually Like

It takes a special person to be a teacher. You often hear them called superheroes. And honestly, I can’t think of a better label. 

Not only are they an integral part of a child’s life, but they’ve been thrown curveball after curveball in recent years. From remote learning to new safety protocols, they’ve navigated it all in stride, keeping students as their priority and allowing you that extra hour to answer those emails or get in a quick sip of coffee. 

Teachers Appreciation Week offers a unique opportunity for everyone to say thank you to the special teacher or teachers in their lives. But choosing a gift that stands out and shows how much you appreciate all they do, isn’t always a simple task. Teachers get a lot of odds and ends from students throughout the years, and while they likely hold a special place in their hearts, these gifts don’t always get much use. 

So what are some of the most used and appreciated teacher appreciation week gift ideas that teachers will actually like and use? Here’s what we recommend.

1. Gifts for Life on the Go 

Teachers pack a lot into each day. They don’t have the luxury of stopping whenever they want to hit the office breakroom. So teacher appreciation week gifts that keep them hydrated, caffeinated, or just plain satisfied during the school day will always be used and appreciated. 

Basecamp Zion Mug

Basecamp Zion Mug

Celebrate the educators who fuel our future with the Zion Mug. This well-insulated mug will ensure their morning brew stays perfectly warm, thanks to its top-tier temperature regulation. Crafted from durable 18/8 powder-coated stainless steel with a copper lining and double-wall, vacuum insulation, it holds a generous 15 ounces. Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, its size is just right for sliding under a Keurig. The finishing touch? A push-on lid with a silicone gasket seal and sliding lock, making spills a thing of the past. A tribute to those who teach, it’s more than a mug—it's a daily dose of appreciation.

Personalize it to make it extra special. Choose between black, white, graphite, or blue, and add a "chisel it" or silkscreen imprint.

Insulated Tumbler with Straw


Slightly bigger, and designed more for hydration, is this Nayad Trouper insulated tumbler with straw. This makes it easy for a teacher to grab and sip during class time. Made from stainless steel, this tumbler holds up to 22 ounces and uses double-walled insulation to keep beverages at an optimal temperature. The lid is screwed on and includes a built-in straw. 

These tumblers can make a bold statement for teachers who love color. They come in 10 different fun and bright colors that can be personalized with a school logo or imprint of your choice.

Cereal or Yogurt Tumbler

yogurt-tumbler-1Keeping teachers fueled throughout their day is a great way to show appreciation. Often teachers skip breakfast or lunch while dedicating their day to their students. This Chill Yo 2 Go is a yogurt tumbler that teachers will love to pack their snacks in. 

It features a built-in double wall of freezable honeycomb non-toxic gel which freezes in only one hour. This container can then be filled with yogurt, milk, or anything you want to keep cold. The top has a storage container that can be used for fruit, whole grain cereal, nuts, raisins, or any other small snack. It’s a great container for fresh snack combos like veggies and dip, milk and cereal, yogurt and fruit, or crackers and dips. 

The Chill Yo 2 Go yogurt tumbler comes in fun colors like pink, blue, lime, purple, black, or red. It also comes with a sturdy built-in melamine spoon and matching silicone grip band. Make it truly a gift by personalizing it with your school’s logo or other imprint of your choice.

2. Gifts for the Classroom 

You can’t go wrong with giving a teacher a gift they can use in the classroom. Whether it’s a teaching tool for their students or supplies for their institutions, teachers will love the usability and functionality.

Air Plant

airplant-1This Air Plant is a tiny, easy-to-grow plant that doesn’t need soil, and absorbs its nutrients and water from the air. They are extremely low maintenance, so a busy teacher will not have to worry about watering or caring for it. Yet, they can use this plant to teach their students about nature, plants, and growth. 

This plant comes in a natural wooden planter which can be customized to your unique school or teacher. Choose a full-color imprint that includes a fun quote or message of thanks. Teachers will love showcasing this Air Plant gift in their classrooms.

Wireless Charging Desk Organizer

Wireless Charging Desk OrganizerTeachers will appreciate this dual-purpose desk organizer,  which doubles as a wireless charging hub.  Crafted from durable materials, it features a versatile three-piece design that can be detached for individual use or magnetically attached to a whiteboard or filing cabinet, catering to the dynamic needs of educators. When placed on a desk, its anti-slip rubber feet ensure stability. Compatible with all QI-standard smartphones, this organizer not only keeps essentials tidy but also powers up devices, making it an ideal addition to any teacher's workspace.

Choose between heather grey or black. You can also customize it with a standard imprint for a look and feel that your teachers will appreciate.

Wireless Charger with UV Sanitizer

UV-Sanitizer-and-Wireless-Charger-1Germs are everywhere in schools. Even with the added post-pandemic protections, teachers are always at high risk of catching colds and illnesses from their students. That’s why this wireless charger and UV sanitizer combo is a thoughtful teacher appreciation week gift idea. 

It’s both a cleaning case and a wireless charger that will kill most germs found on daily-use items. It can switch between two cleaning modes, either a quick 90-second clean or a deep 5-minute clean. The built-in 5 wireless charging pad will work with any QI-standard wirelessly charged phone. Customize it with a personal logo or message using a pad print or digital top imprint.

3. A Way to Destress 

Teachers have a lot to deal with. Now more than ever, their jobs are stressful and often filled with unknowns. One of the best teacher appreciation week gift ideas is simply an item that gives them a way to destress. Whether it's on their own or with coworkers or friends, here are a few gift ideas that promote relaxation and a much-needed break from teaching.

Apple Stress Buster

apple-stress-buster-1This cute stress ball shaped like an apple, can easily be paired with another gift to compliment a thoughtful teacher appreciation week gift. Teachers can use it in the classroom when they’ve had a particularly stressful day. It also can serve as a reminder on their desk that their school appreciates how hard they work, and understand that they have a stressful job. 

This soft and squeezable stress ball is made of polyester and contains a thermal rubber ball filled with gel-filled beads. They provide a gentle and soothing massage every time you squeeze it. The stress ball can easily be customized with a school logo or message with either a pad print or silkscreen imprint in a variety of different colors.

Wrapsody Wireless Headphones

Wireless HeadphonesGiving the gift of music is a great way to help teachers shake off some unneeded stress. These Wrapsody wireless headphones are a premium gift that will show any teacher truly how much you appreciate their hard work. 

Equipped with omnidirectional bass, an advanced microphone, and 85% noise cancellation capabilities, these Bluetooth headphones are truly top-of-the-line. They fold up to easily fit into a book bag or purse on the go, plus offer 10+ hours of playtime. Accompanied by a stylish retail package that includes a carrying bag, aux cord, and USB charging cable, it makes for an unforgettable gift.

With a full-color imprint on the earpieces, you can truly customize these to appeal to your teachers and their tastes. They will surely appreciate this method of relaxation and enjoy flashing their school branded headphones while they’re at it.

Selfie Care Kits - Goodie Bag

Selfie-Care-Kit-Goodie-Bag-1-1-1Elevate teacher appreciation to new heights with this custom-designed Selfie Care Kit. This thoughtfully curated relaxation bundle includes a soothing neck wrap, a weighted eye mask for serene moments, and a heartfelt note of thanks, all encased in a custom ripstop goodie four shoes bag. Crafted for comfort with fragrance-free lentils, it’s the perfect way to acknowledge the tireless dedication of teachers. Complete with care instructions for lasting use, it's a gesture of gratitude that says, "Thank you for shaping futures."

4. Something Sweet 

Finally, you can never go wrong by giving teachers something sweet for Teacher Appreciation Week. Everyone enjoys a treat, and after a long day of shaping minds, educators will relish a bit of indulgence. 

Sami Sweet N' Salty Snack Sack

Sami-Snack-Sack-2-1The Sami Sweet N' Salty Snack Sack is not only a token of gratitude but also a step towards sustainability. This gift, composed of a reusable lunch bag made from 100% recycled materials and adorned with a chic fleck design, houses a tempting variety of treats. Inside, educators will find chocolate hazelnut cookies, peanut brittle crunch, and a nut-free dark chocolate sea salt bar. Perfect for any size teaching team, this thoughtful present celebrates their hard work and dedication, making teacher appreciation week both memorable and eco-friendly.

Keepsake Gift Tin with Sea Salt Caramels

Keep-sake-Gift-Tin-with-Sea-Salt-Caramels-1This is a perfect gift that you can use to combine something sweet with a heartfelt message of appreciation. If your school has a theme picked out for teacher appreciation week, consider using it to brand this keepsake gift tin. The container can be customized with a 4.5 x 3-inch full-color digital print or silkscreen imprint. You could even brand it with a class photo to make this gift extra personal. 

The tin comes complete with 6 pieces of delicious sea salt caramels. The tin itself measures 5 by 3.5 inches and is the perfect size to fit into teacher mailboxes or on their desks.

Gummy Bear Cube

gummy-bear-cube-1Teachers often get overwhelmed with chocolates. They're easy to find and pretty generic. So think outside the box with this Gummy Bear Cube. It comes as a clear cube that measures 2.35 X 2.35 inches and is filled with 4.2 ounces of gummy bears. What’s more, the cube can have a lot of other uses after the gummy bears are gone. Teachers can use it on their desks as an organizer, or at home as a storage container. The label that wraps around the cube can be customized with a 4-color process technology. Get creative and brand it with a fun teacher appreciation week message or theme to show teachers how much they are valued.

Send a Message of Thanks to Teachers

When choosing teacher appreciation week gifts, think hard about what your teachers like and enjoy. The best gifts will cater to their interests. Think about gifts that make their everyday lives easier, make teaching easier, or give them some enjoyment in a sometimes chaotic environment. 

Teacher appreciation week is an important time, but don’t just consider these gifts for one week out of the year. Teachers help shape the minds of our future, and honestly, they should be appreciated every single day. Any of these gifts will bring delight to a teacher in your life and can be one small gesture of thanks for the huge impact they have on our children and generations to come.

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