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by Kerry Broderick Kerry Broderick on July 31, 2015

Make an Impact With These 10 Creative Promotional Items

Inspire creativity in your marketing strategy with these ideas.


Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in July of 2015 and has since been updated to inspire your marketing with new creative promotions.

You want your company to stand out in the eyes of consumers because you're doing something different - different in a good way! An easy way to distinguish yourself from other brands is through the promotional products you hand out. For example, nearly every company uses and gives away promotional pens. Pens are highly effective promotional products, but why not take it a step further? Why not utilize pens and some less common creative promotional items, like the desk cord organizer pictured above?

This blog is dedicated to creative promotions that will have a positive effect on your marketing strategy by positioning your brand as relevant and current. Continue reading for my list of creative promotional items that will help you make an impact.

1. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Vacuum Insulated TumblerYou might not be able to tell from the picture, but the Vacuum Insulted Tumbler is different than the majority of promotional tumblers that have come before, and that's a good thing! One promotional trend to know for 2017 is that simple, cheap, and boring promotional products just don't cut it anymore; people want the best products that have special attributes. This tumbler is equipped for the challenge; it features double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation.

The innovative use of copper insulation in a tumbler allows for cold beverages to remain chilled for up to 24 hours, while hot beverages can stay steamy for up to 6 hours. This product is sure to become a staple in your recipients' lives due to its convenience and functionality.


2. Anti-Slip with Cling Wipe

Anti-Slip with Cling WipeHere's a creative smartphone accessory that is taking the promotional world by storm: the anti-slip with cling wipe. This product's main function is to wipe clean your smartphone's screen clean of fingerprints, dirt, and dust. In addition, this screen cleaner features a rubberized grip area to serve as a phone holder. Utilize this cost-effective promotional item to please your recipients and promote your brand.


3. Retail Brand Inspired Promotional Products

Retail Brand Promotional ProductsThe demand for retail brand inspired giveaways is another promotional product trend of 2017. Consumers, particularly the young generations like millennials and Gen X, resonate with notable retail brand products, particularly in the category of drinkware. Brands like CamelBak, Contigo, Nalgene, and Tervis are all creating a stir in the promotional products industry - in a good way!

Although retail brand products are highly desirable to recipients, we know that not every company has room in their budget to use retail brand products as promos. Not to worry - there are plenty of knockoff items that are similar to the retail brand products we know and love. Which retail product will you co-brand your company with?


4. Bluetooth Keyboard

Logo Bluetooth KeyboardEven though we live in the age of smartphones with tiny screens, I still prefer a good old fashioned keyboard for typing, especially for tasks that require more than just a short text. This bluetooth keyboard was created with people like me, and travelers, in mind; compatible with iOS, Android, Mac systems, and Windows, this small keyboard is made for use with tablets, mobile phones, most bluetooth devices, and even TVs. Talk about functional!

Think about how much use you get out of your keyboard. Imagine the exopsure this keyboard will generate for your brand. That's right - your logo will appear front and center on the space bar. The keyboard itself is also available in black, so you have the option to imprint your logo in a color that will stand out on a dark background.


5. Security Alarm Charging Cable

Security Alarm Charging Cable

I love sitting down to do work in public spaces like a coffee shop or a library; it provides a relaxing work environment in which many people thrive. The only downside is that you have to keep a close eye on your electronic devices so they don't get stolen. This charging cable with a security alarm is the perfect solution to keeping tabs on your devices in public; the adapter attaches to any USB cable connected to a charging device and sounds an audio alert when the device is disconnected. Though simple in nature, this device is a lifesaver, and you can imprint your logo directly on the product.


6. SlingGrip

Creative Promotional ItemsWe've all mistakenly dropped our smartphones one way or another. The promotional SlingGrip helps you avoid those dreaded screen cracks that come from dropping your phone by attaching to the back of any phone or case with a removable adhesive. The grip is made from an elastic material that allows you to comfortably hold on to your phone during every day use.


7. PowerUp Tech Kit

Promotional PowerUp Tech Kit
Another promotional product trend for 2017 worth noting is that cheap products as gifts are out; higher value products as gifts are proving to be more effective as a marketing tool. My clients are willing to spend more for a lesser amount of items because higher value items have the potential to generate quality leads. Also, high quality gifts are a must when finding the perfect promotion for your top clients or employees.

One of my favorite, high value promotional gifts is the PowerUp Tech Kit. The gift set includes three useful and branded device-charging accessories - one JuiceBox external battery pack, a car charger, and an Apple MFI Certified Micro USB Cord - that come in a fancy gift box featuring your company logo. This promo gift set will be available starting March 2017, so contact Cathy to reserve yours.


8. T-Shirt in a Can

T Shirt in a CanThis product is promotional proof that packaging goes a long way! This promotional product is not as it first seems: it's a t-shirt inside of a can with a can wrap completely customized to your brand. Think of all the design options you have for the wrap! The t-shirt - branded with your logo, of course - is compressed in a cylinder shape to fit in the 14 oz steel can.

The way a product is packaged is so compelling that 64% of consumers will try a new product because the package caught their eye, according to Nielsen. This is great news for your company! Use this uniquely packaged product to draw visitors to your booth at job fairs to position your brand as creative and relevant.


9. Promotional Metro Collapsible Water Bottle

Meto Collapsible Water BottleI've noticed the metro collapsible water bottle being used as promotional products for many different brands because it is such a versatile item. Use this bottle to stay hydrated on the go; it folds down to fit in compact storage spaces like backpacks or purses. This product has unlimited opportunities for branding with a choice of 12 product colors - including camouflage!


10. RuMe Tech Taco

Rume Tech TacoIn past blogs, I've stressed the versatility of earbuds as promotional giveaways because they appeal to a wide variety of music loving consumers. Combine this hit promotional product RuMe's Tech Taco, a neoprene wrap made for organizing tech product cords - especially headphones. Just wrap the "taco" around small tech cords to make your world more organized.

The imprinting options for the Tech Taco are endless - that's what makes this product so creative! With a customizable, full-color bleed imprint, you can simply display your brand logo or message, or design a fun pattern custom to your brand to make this product truly your own.


The need for creative promotional items is ever-present in 2017. Consumers are being bomboarded with messages on every available traditional and digital marketing channel everyday, so it's important for your brand to stand out from the rest. Using creative promotional items is a great way to connect with your prospects and customers by starting a conversation.


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Kerry Broderick

Written by Kerry Broderick

Kerry combines creative thinking with inbound marketing techniques to create meaningful content for companies. You can find her online, copywriting and researching keywords, or at home, playing with her pets.

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