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Make an Impact With These 10 Creative Promotional Items

on July 31, 2015, updated on May 06, 2020 3 min read

Make an Impact With These 10 Creative Promotional Items

Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in July of 2015 and has since been updated to inspire your marketing with new creative promotions.

Promotional handouts should showcase your company and your brand, If you want to stand out and make a positive impact, think creatively about the promotional items you give away! Think outside the box and give away items that will delight and inspire your recipients.

What makes a promotional item truly creative? If you can make your recipient say, "wow, I’ve never seen that before!" then you know you’ve found a unique and memorable item.

Continue reading for my handpicked list of creative promotional items that will help you make an impact.

1. SimplyFit Cooling Towel Mini Kit

Simply Fit  Cooling Towel Mini Kit

The SimplyFit Cooling Towel MiniKit is really two products in one. A soft, quick-absorbing cooling towel is rolled neatly inside a mini water bottle, creating a complete package that is perfect for aligning your brand with themes of fitness, wellness, and an active lifestyle. Choose a towel color that reflects your brand and imprint your logo on the water bottle for a an effective look.

2. 4-in-1 Revolving Camera Lens

4 in 1 Revolving  Camera  Lens DMG

Hand out a truly unique cell phone accessory. Simply place the product on your smartphone and twist the base to reveal 4 different lens types that let you take fun photos. The 4 in 1 Revolving Camera Lens set includes a fisheye lens, wide lens, macro lens, and CPL lens, which eliminates stray light and produces a more natural image. Recipients will love experimenting with the photos they can create.

3. Retail Brand Inspired Promotional Products

Retail Brand

The demand for retail brand inspired giveaways is another promotional product trend of 2017. Consumers, particularly the young generations like millennials and Gen X, resonate with notable retail brand products, particularly in the category of drinkware. Brands like CamelBak, Contigo, Nalgene, and Tervis are all creating a stir in the promotional products industry - in a good way!

Although retail brand products are highly desirable to recipients, we know that not every company has room in their budget to use retail brand products as promos. Not to worry - there are plenty of knockoff items that are similar to the retail brand products we know and love. Which retail product will you co-brand your company with?

4. 3-in-1 Stylus Pen

Stylus  Pen

You may have seen stylus pens before, but have you seen one that is also a phone stand? The Transformer 3 in 1 Stylus Pen transforms seamlessly into a stand that can hold your phone with or without a case. The lightweight, slender design is durable enough to support your phone, and includes a twist action stylus pen on top.

5. Security Alarm Charging Cable

Security Alarm Charging Cable

I love sitting down to do work in public spaces like a coffee shop or a library; it provides a relaxing work environment in which many people thrive. The only downside is that you have to keep a close eye on your electronic devices so they don't get stolen. This charging cable with a security alarm is the perfect solution to keeping tabs on your devices in public; the adapter attaches to any USB cable connected to a charging device and sounds an audio alert when the device is disconnected. Though simple in nature, this device is a lifesaver, and you can imprint your logo directly on the product.

6. The Inversa Inverted Umbrella

The Inversa Inverted Umbrella

This really is the ultimate umbrella! The Inversa umbrella is designed to open and close in reverse, keeping the wet side of the umbrella contained and away from you. This intelligent design also makes it easier to open and close from inside doorways and cars, so you always stay dry. With a matching fabric carrying case with shoulder strap, this becomes a truly thoughtful and impactful promotional item.

7. PowerPlay Tech Kit

Packed with useful and tech-savvy items, The PowerPlay Tech Kit makes an impressive gift. Nestled inside a brandable box are the Juicebox Power Bank, CanCan Bluetooth Speaker, and Argonot Apple MFi certified cord with micro-USB tip. Each item is decorated using a full digital imprint, meaning your brand’s design will stand out bright and bold. With a minimum of just one piece per order, you can deliver a truly impactful gift to select recipients.

8. T-Shirt in a Can

T-Shirt In A Can

This product is promotional proof that packaging goes a long way! This promotional product is not as it first seems: it's a t-shirt inside of a can with a can wrap completely customized to your brand. Think of all the design options you have for the wrap! The t-shirt - branded with your logo, of course - is compressed in a cylinder shape to fit in the 14 oz steel can.

The way a product is packaged is so compelling that 64% of consumers will try a new product because the package caught their eye, according to Nielsen. This is great news for your company! Use this uniquely packaged product to draw visitors to your booth at job fairs to position your brand as creative and relevant.

9. Promotional Metro Collapsible Water Bottle

Metro Collapsible Water Bottle

I've noticed the metro collapsible water bottle being used as promotional products for many different brands because it is such a versatile item. Use this bottle to stay hydrated on the go; it folds down to fit in compact storage spaces like backpacks or purses. This product has unlimited opportunities for branding with a choice of 12 product colors - including camouflage!

10. RuMe Tech Burrito

RuMe Tech Burrito

The Tech Burrito is fun and functional, providing on-the-go cord organization for all of your devices. Securely wrap up phone chargers, earbuds, and the rest of the cords tangling up your life. The Tech Burrito is fully customizable a full color, full bleed imprint that shows off your company's creativity.

The need for creative promotional items is ever-present in 2017. Consumers are being bomboarded with messages on every available traditional and digital marketing channel everyday, so it's important for your brand to stand out from the rest. Using creative promotional items is a great way to connect with your prospects and customers by starting a conversation.

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