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Promotional Earbuds: The Universal Giveaway That Pleases Everyone

Cathy Houston Written by: Cathy Houston |

Promotional Earbuds: The Universal Giveaway That Pleases Everyone

Keeping with the theme of my past couple blogs, usefulness is key. So, instead of just telling you, I thought I’d give you a real-life example of a useful product that is rocking the promotional world in more ways than one.

Promotional earbuds are a tech product that has stayed on top of the promotional world in terms of popularity for the past couple of years. In fact, it was one of the top products included in our college fair giveaway blog back in 2014.

So, why is this?

Promotional product trends normally come and go quickly; a product that was popular three years ago may be completely obsolete today because of changes in the world of marketing, technology, or the promotional products industry itself. However, earbuds have continued to remain on top. This is because they have proven to be successful for companies that use them as branded giveaways. There are three main marketing benefits to promotional earbuds that explain why these products are such a hit with companies looking to market themselves with effective promotional products as well as the consumers that receive them.

Marketing Benefit #1: They work for everyone.

Logo Earbuds

Although genre preferences may vary, everyone likes music. Our smartphones and other mobile devices are stocked with our personal music libraries to ensure we have our favorite tunes at the tip of our finger. People bring MP3 players everywhere they go – on their morning commute, exercising at the gym, or working in their office. Utilizing custom earbuds as a promotional tool is a great way to situate your brand in your customers' lifestyle.

Marketing Benefit #2: They are priced right for giveaways.

Custom Earbuds in Case

Budgeting for promotional products can be difficult for some companies when planning for a large-scale event. That’s why I recommend logo earbuds; they are reasonably priced starting at just $1.75 each. Branded earbuds allow companies to utilize an effective marketing product without breaking the bank.

Marketing Benefit #3: They are high-quality products that actually work well.

The promotional earbuds that I recommend to my clients are high-quality products that in turn have a high staying power because of their usefulness. Staying power coupled with these earbuds' optimal imprinting space on the plastic case makes for a high-quality product that works well in terms of functionality and promotion.

Earbuds in cases offer a way for companies to give away a useful item without having to sacrifice brand exposure. The clear top of the plastic cases used to package custom earbuds is where your logo will appear. Many vendors offer full-color process imprinting to clearly display your logo in your choice of over 20 colors to match your company colors. Utilizing a product that so clearly displays your brand logo while being useful is an undeniable promotional advantage that branded earbuds offer.

Product spotlight time! Let me give you a quick overview of my favorite custom earbuds that have worked for my clients.

1. Earbuds in Triangle Case

Promotional Earbuds
  • These promotional earbuds come in a branded, triangular case.
  • Compact packaging makes transportation and distribution a breeze when participating in events like trade shows or career fairs.
  • Starting at $2 a piece.

Campaign Spotlight: Event Giveaway Idea

Promotional Earbuds with Music Download Card

Use imprinted earbuds paired with digital reward music downloads. Not only will your prospects and customers be receiving a high-quality, branded item from your company, but they will also be delighted when they get to use their new branded product with a free music download that is relevant to their wants. Case studies have proven that companys that use digital rewards like music download cards see an increase in brand loyalty, sales, and of course, customer happiness.

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Orignially published on February 25, 2016, updated on June 13, 2018

Topic: Promotional Products