5 Free Marketing Courses to Boost Your Résumé From Home

Start the next step in your career with 5 free marketing courses to boost your résumé from home and add to your marketing toolbox.

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5 Free Marketing Courses to Boost Your Résumé From Home

The COVID-19 crisis has altered the professional landscape, and many marketing professionals are starting to look for the next step in their career journey. Luckily, there are many free and discounted resources available online to help anyone make the most of being home.

Why not take this time as an opportunity to keep adding to your marketing toolbox? 

Best practices for marketing yourself

When boosting your résumé with additional certifications, be intentional about your objectives and direction: 

  • Identify your career goals. Do you want to be leading a team? Do you want to change course and be more/less client facing? Thinking about your ideal role in 1-3 years can give you direction for what skills to build. 
  • Identify what you want to work on. What do you already feel proficient in, and what would you like to learn more about? Develop your advertising skills, your social media strategy, or even your sales pitch to give yourself the edge over other marketing candidates.
  • Update your professional profiles with the skills you’ve learned, but make sure the “share” filter is customized so you’re in control of who receives an alert when you get each new certification (see below for social media tips). 
  • Become a thought leader. With your new knowledge base, write posts, articles and join groups. Being active and present through social media, professional platforms, and blogging is an easy way to get in front of prospective employers. 

Finding the Right Marketing Course for You

Building your résumé and learning how to use professional platforms to get your content in front of a potential future employer can keep your brain busy and your career moving forward, even in difficult times.

Here are some popular certifications and courses to get you started on this journey:

1. Inbound Marketing Certification

The HubSpot Academy offers many free courses, and the Inbound Marketing Certification is one of the most popular. Whether you’re new to inbound marketing or looking to brush up on your skills, this course covers everything from developing content plans to understanding conversational growth strategies to aligning marketing with sales. 

2. Google Ads Certification

Google’s series of free certifications cover various aspects of their ad strategies. The Google Ads Certification series has different levels, different durations, and the opportunity to win an award. For experienced users, you can jump into the assessment right away, or take the time to review ad strategies and best practices with the provided study guides.

3. Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram connect more people now than ever—no matter how far apart they are. Completing the Facebook Blueprint Certification demonstrates to an employer that you have the understanding to harness opportunities that these platforms offer any business, great or small. Choose from different levels of certification and specialized areas of focus, from media buying to creative strategy. 

4. Inbound Sales Certification

Maybe you’re an experienced marketer, but you’ve never taken the time to dive into sales. Now is the time, and the HubSpot Academy has got your back with their Inbound Sales Certification. Learn how to identify the most promising contacts for your organization, build connections with your leads, and develop skills in successful sales calls and presentations. With short videos and study guides, this certification is a great complement to any marketing background.

5. Social Media Strategy Course

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing plan, and Skillshare offers the tools to get you started. With their Social Media Strategy course, you can learn how to build a social media strategy from start to finish to grow an audience, increase engagement, and connect with more customers than ever. Skillshare offers a free two-month trial with unlimited access to educational videos to develop your digital marketing toolbox.

Using Social Media as a Professional Tool

Once you’ve got your certifications and courses complete, add them to your professional and social profiles. Social media is a great way to grow your professional network, build an online portfolio, and showcase your achievements.

Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to create your personal brand as a marketing professional. Writing and sharing impactful blog posts has never been easier, and they make a great bank of content to get out in front of recruiters. With fewer in-person networking opportunities available, make sure to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer to build meaningful connections in your industry.

Build Your Online Portfolio

And don’t forget about other social media platforms! Each has their own designated audience and purpose, so identify the ones that best fit your needs. 

  • Instagram: Do you have graphic design skills that could be useful in your future career? Showcase them on Instagram to connect with a community of designers and creative types. 
  • Twitter: Are current events and industry developments more in line with your professional identity? Twitter is a great place to build connections. 
  • Video Platforms: Film thought leadership videos for YouTube, or explore the new world of marketing on TikTok. 

Think outside the box to make your professional portfolio stand out from the rest.

Looking Ahead to Future Opportunities

This is an unprecedented time, and while the face of the marketing profession has changed, industry professionals have a chance to reflect and set goals for their career path. By learning new skills, refining your résumé, and building your network, you can set the course for new and better opportunities in your dream career.

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