Inspiration Swag Box

Finding the right promotional item isn’t always easy. That’s why we developed the Inspiration Swag Box, so you can see, touch, and feel products and designs to create a memorable brand experience.

What The Kit Includes

  • A custom-designed swag box
  • Personally selected items targeted to your goals
  • Popular items that will activate your brand
  • Resources and guides
Inspiration Swag Box Items Curated for You
Client Testimonial

"As soon as we decided to send out swag boxes to our attendees, I immediately reached out to GoDelta for help. I literally could not have done this without their help. When the boxes finally shipped, the results were even better than I could have imagined. Attendees LOVED the boxes and had so much fun unboxing them. Weeks later, they are still talking about them!"


Michelle Lippoli

Event Manager


Your inspiration swag box questions, answered

Fill out the form below, and we’ll schedule a conversation to learn about your event, ideas, and goals. We’ll deliver your inspiration kit right to your door in a cool little box – pretty swag, right?

GoDelta Brand Consultants ready to help you

How much does the swag box cost?

There isn't a cost for qualified businesses that want to activate their brand with guidance from a brand consultant.

What comes in the box?

During the discovery call, we learn what your goals are so we can include products that match your requirements, and we add products that are popular and trending to inspire you. Your samples are packed in a custom swag box and shipped to you at no charge.

Do I have to meet with a Brand Consultant?

Yes. If you are serious about getting better ideas, better products, and better results from your company's swag marketing, the best option is to work with a brand consultant.

Why do you give away these boxes?

Our mission is to help marketers learn, grow, and succeed by creating memorable brand experiences.

Items included in Inspiration Swag Kits