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How Long Does it Take for Inbound Marketing to Work?

August 23, 2021 2 min read

The short answer: It starts working immediately.

The long answer: It depends. I’ll explain below.

As an inbound agency, we frequently get asked how long it takes for inbound marketing to work. The truth is that inbound marketing begins working the first day the client decides to make a change in the way they grow their business.

Inbound marketing is a big commitment, and the ripples of that level of dedication affect the other areas of your business. It is a shift in your company’s culture. Your entire organization begins to think differently about why your company is remarkable rather than simply focusing on what your company does. You finally begin to separate your business from the competition. It’s very exciting to watch this transformation take place.

What most people are really asking when they pose this question is, how long does it take to start seeing measurable results and generating leads with inbound marketing?

For most companies, it takes about six months. Let me tell you how it works for our clients here at DMG.

Months 1-2: Strategy

Your engagement begins with two months of deep strategy. We create a complete inbound marketing plan that defines the strategies your business will need for inbound success. This is not your last marketing company’s plan, full of fluff that isn’t customized to your business and isn’t measurable. We take a deep dive into how your business operates and who your ideal customers really are in order to create a plan that will become your lead-generating marketing machine. One standard plan doesn’t work for everyone. Coming up with a strategy that will really make a difference for your business takes work and research.

Months 3-6: Foundation

The next 4 months include the development of your inbound website, the setup of your marketing automation platform, and the launching of the initiatives we’ve created together in the first couple months. This is where we construct your marketing foundation—implementing content offers, posting blog articles, distributing your content on social media. This is an exciting time in the engagement, because all of the hard work begins to come together.

Months 6-12...and Beyond: Optimization

After 6 months, the remainder of the engagement is all about optimization. With several months’ worth of data as a benchmark, we make improvements and upgrades to your marketing program to generate the kinds of results you need. We’re able to write more relevant blog articles, create more targeted offers, and test new landing pages and calls to action to find out what’s working for your business.

So, to answer the question how long does it take for inbound marketing to work, it does take time. It also takes a big commitment of internal resources. But our marketing retainers are designed so that we can learn as much as we can about your business and attract the right kind of traffic at the right time. And making that work takes time. Test, measure, adjust, & repeat.

The good news is that there are tools available today to help your business get on track with inbound marketing quickly and efficiently. All-in-one marketing platforms like HubSpot will walk you through the steps you need to start building a successful inbound program.

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This post was originally published December 8, 2015