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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on November 24, 2015

Which Custom Koozies for Holiday Parties are the Best?

We found the best creative ideas for custom holiday koozies on the web.


For your business holiday party, you want to make sure that every last detail is perfected to create a positive brand experience. One way you can achieve brand exposure during your holiday party is through promotional items like custom koozies. Just think about it: holiday parties serve all different kinds of refreshments in different containers like cans, glass bottles, and cups. Make sure you take advantage every promotion strategy available by having custom koozies for holiday parties in every style available.

Having custom koozies at your holiday party doesn't necessarily mean that all refreshments have to be ready to serve and outfitted with koozies (although that is definitely great for brand exposure). You could use custom koozies as giveaways in a gift bag for guests at the conclusion of your holiday party. 

Needless to say, the possibilities for designing custom koozies for holiday parties are endless! Continue reading for some cool ideas on how to spice up your promotional koozies this holiday season.


Festive Patterns

Custom Holiday Koozies Holiday Koozies Promotional Holiday Koozies Christmas Koozies
Custom Holiday Koozies Custom Holiday Koozies Christmas Koozies Custom Party Koozies


If you're feeling creative and artsy, I recommend using koozies with festive patterns. The above koozie designs are from Zazzle.com. Keep up the holiday spirit at your corporate party with festive koozie patterns that include holiday themes like ornaments, red and green stripes, plaid, and images of mistletoe. Once you've got a design in mind, don't forget to add your company logo.


Funny Sayings

Clever Sayings Holiday Koozies

Do you have employees or coworkers that appreciate clever humor? If so, I recommend ordering koozies with clever holiday sayings to lighten everyone's mood and to get people in the spirit of holiday fun. We found these funny koozies on Jane.com. Perhaps on the other side of these clever koozies, you can add your company logo with a simple message saying "Happy Holidays!" from your business name.


Holiday Messages

Custom Holiday Koozies

Another nice idea for holiday koozies is including simple messages such as "Happy Holidays!", "Be Merry", or "Eat, Drink, and Be Well." Another popular trend during the holiday season is to inscribe products with seasonal words such as joy, merry, happiness, etc. These cute holiday message koozies were created by OdysseyCustomDesigns on Etsy.


Sweater Koozies

Ugly Sweater Koozies

Last but not least, another holiday koozie trend I've noticed is ugly sweaters for party beverages! These ugly sweater koozies are handmade from the Etsy shop BeachDaisyJewelry. Just another fun way to spice up your holiday party!

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

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