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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on August 28, 2015

Promotional Products for Sports Teams

Generate team spirit with promotional products made for sports teams.


There are many reasons people warmly welcome the fall season: the relief from blazing heat, the trees changing colors. But most of all, people love the fall for the start of fall sports! Whether it be professional sports, college sports, or high school teams, sports are eagerly awaited and welcomed in the fall.

High school and college sports teams followings have a huge potential to increase team support. In fact, there are 7.6 million high school athletes alone, according to U.S. News. That's a lot of parents, faculty, and fans that could help support your school team.

Using promotional products is a great way to garner team support. For example, you could sell seat cushions outfitted with your school logo to fund raise for your athletics department. The opportunities are endless with sports promotional items.


Support your high school or college team with the following promotional products for sports teams.


1. Branded Non-Woven Stadium Cushion

Logo Seat Cushion

The sports fans in the audience are just as important as the players when it comes to supporting the team! Make sure team supporters are comfortable with the branded Non-Woven Stadium Cushion. This inexpensive, practical product is a seat cushion made to make sitting on bleachers more bearable. This particular seat cushion has a handle made easy for carrying to and from the game. It also has ample imprint space for your multicolor logo as well as a front pocket to store wallets and smartphones when carrying the cushion to and from games. Sell this in your college store or as a fundraiser for high school sports. GET IT HERE.


2. Custom Rally Towel

Custom Rally Towel

Fans will be able to show their team spirit with a custom Rally Towel! Give supporters an opportunity to show their encouragement with a promotional product made specifically for doing so. Choose from seven colors to match your team's look. There are 20 imprint colors available which will help to fully customize your rally towels to fit your team's style. GET IT HERE.


3. Promotional Game Day Stadium Blanket

Custom Sports Blankets

Sitting on cold bleachers or being stuck in chilly weather at an outdoor fall sports game is discouraging for fans! Give them the option to support the team with the promotional Game Day Stadium Blanket. Stadium goers can either sit on the soft fleece or drape it over themselves to keep warm outdoors. It conveniently folds into a bag with carrying straps for easy transportation. An added bonus of the promotional product is an exterior pocket made to store phones or anything else fans may bring to the game. You may embroider, silk screen, or four color process print your logo on the blanket. GET IT HERE.


4. Personalized Budget Kooler Bag

Custom Coolers

People often bring refreshments to hold them over during a sports game. Give them a place to keep their food and drink items with the personalized Budget Kooler Bag. Sports fans will love this item that they can use again and again for games to come. This cooler has the capacity to hold a 6-pack of cans. It also has PEVA leak-resistant lining to prevent spills and keep dry. Lastly, this inexpensive cooler includes a front pocket for printing your multicolor logo. GET IT HERE.


5. Customized Disposable Poncho

Customized Rain Ponchos

Have these useful promotional products up for sale should you be expecting rain on a game day! These customized Disposable Ponchos come in a convenient PVC pouch that your logo will be displayed on. Ponchos come in orange, red, white, yellow, blue, and green. One size fits all. GET IT HERE.


6. Logo 24 oz. Water Bottle

Custom Sports Bottles

These cheap promotional giveaways will keep your team players energized and hydrated. Give players their very own logo 24 oz. Water Bottle to use during games. I like this style of water bottle for active sports players because its leak-resistant push-pull lid makes it easy to drink water on-the-go and get back in the game. Lid color options are limited to red, purple, green, blue, and black, but you can choose from over 20 colors when it comes to imprinting your logo.This bottle is always my go-to for sports teams because of the qualities I mentioned earlier, however, custom printed water bottles are made from different materials and have various functions, so be sure to evaluate your options before picking a team sports bottle. GET IT HERE.


7. Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-ShirtsAmp up team spirit for players and fans alike with custom T-Shirts. 48% of U.S. consumers own logoed t-shirts, according to ASI, so these products are a worthwhile investment for your sports team because people will keep them and continue to support your team name. People are willing to spend money on a t-shirt for a team that they are a part of. Because this article is focusing on high school and college sports teams, parents, friends, and families of team players will definitely be willing to spend money to support their player.

Many athletic departments order custom t-shirts to serve as jerseys for younger sports players in elementary and middle school. This is a great solution rather than ordering expensive uniforms. FIND T-SHIRTS HERE.


8. Branded Laser Engraved Bracelet

Custom Rubber Blankets

Let team players and fans support their favorite team on and off of the field with branded Laser Engraved Bracelets. Your team name will be printed on a color of your choice. GET IT HERE.


9. Promotional BamBams

bambams.jpgAdd a touch of pizzazz and excitement to game day with promotional bambams. These unique noisemakers are inflated and sealed for fans to hit together to create team spirit cheering. As for imprinting, this product offers the option of a full bleed imprint to entirely customize this product to your sports team. Create a unique and eye catching design that incorporates your team colors, name, and more.

Another plus of this fun product is that it is sustainable. The promotional bambams are made from 100% recycled polyethlylene, so, after the game, make sure these products don't end up in the trash. GET IT HERE.


10. Personalized Game Day Cup with Lid

Custom Cups

This product should be used as an appreciation gift for an all-star player or dedicated fan. The personalized Game Day Cup can be used for hot or cold beverages. It is made of Tritan double wall construction material made to prevent condensation to keep your hands dry and your drink cold. It comes with a sturdy lid for hot beverages that also has an opening for a straw for cold drinks. Intricately design your logo with multiple colors for imprinting. Your logo or message will be printed on a uniquely colored backdrop of blue, clear, green, purple, or red. GET IT HERE.

Promotional Products for Sports Teams
Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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