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David Houston

Hi, I’m David Houston.

I teach sales teams about understanding today’s buyer, aligning marketing and sales, and winning more business.

The buying process has changed because the buyer has all of the control. Sales reps need to learn why the shift has taken place and how to use this opportunity to win more business. Stop struggling with rep adoption of legacy sales techniques and technology, and start enabling sales teams to achieve their highest rep productivity. Your sales team will walk away from my talks with four things:


Education: The buyer's journey has changed; your team needs to adapt. I teach them how to leverage the shift in the buying cycle by transforming their sales process.


Motivation: It's not enough to hand over the tools and say "Go!" I motivate teams with the confidence and encouragement they need to implement their new knowledge.


Resources: Your team will want to dive in right away with my actionable tips. I provide the resources they'll need to keep learning and growing on their own.


Support: Even after the talk is over, I'm here to support your employees and ensure their success. Whether it's making over their LinkedIn profile or coaching them on email nurturing, I've got their back.

Each session is customized for the individual business and employees.

What happens when your team connects with me?

An instant shift takes place throughout your company when employees understand and get excited about inbound marketing and selling techniques.

Mark Graham, CommonSku

Mark Graham, CommonSku

"Some speakers are long on strategy but short on tactics; David delivered on both. His inbound techniques to winning business and nurturing relationships was a refreshing and genuine approach to building a business. David challenged our conventional wisdom and supported his arguments with a well-documented case for social selling that inspired our hard-to-please audience. The response from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive with many commenting that they learned something new as well as something immediately actionable. Moreover, David tailored his talk to our audience's specific needs and made himself availability to our community both before and after the event, a very small but important touch when it comes to believing in the value of what you say and appreciating your customers. We look forward to having David speak to our community again."

David Morrison, FireProTec

David Morrison, FireProTec

"David Houston and his team are more than a marketing firm. Our relationship with them has evolved into an extension of our sales dept. This is due to David Houston’s comprehensive understanding of the sales process and how to effectively develop a result driven marketing strategy. We were so impressed with David’s expertise in helping us develop a website, design uniforms and trade show displays that we invited him to be our keynote speaker at our annual sales meeting. David did a masterful job explaining to our team the importance of using social media to build their own brand.  The message resonated with the team, over half them asked for help creating a linked in account and crafting a message. Our techs are the face of our company, helping them understand the importance of a professional image is invaluable to us. His message was masterful."

Larry Sudbay, Body SymQuest

Larry Sudbay, SymQuest

"SymQuest Group has retained the marketing expertise of Delta Marketing and David Houston for 4 years. We have been impressed with David’s commitment to continually researching best practices in lead generation. Our greatest challenge is sales in getting a qualified appointment from a potential client. David’s methodology incorporates the latest inbound marketing and sales strategies to optimize lead creation for SymQuest Group. Today we are winning new clients every month across 4 states in Northern New England due to David’s skill."

Jill Marsano, Westaff

Jill Marsano, Westaff

"David took the time to present a fantastic seminar for SMPS NNE on Inbound Marketing for a group of engineers and marketers. It was remarkable to see him introduce inbound marketing to such a diverse group of people and connect with all of them. He was able to help them better understand what inbound marketing is and why traditional marketing that does not supplement with inbound marketing strategy misses a huge percentage of the target audience. Thanks David for beginning to teach this group an invaluable lesson on the most successful marketing tool we have today."

Chris Line, Body Resolution

Chris Line, Body Resolution

"Being in the fitness industry requires our team members to posses a multitude of skill sets in order for our business to function at a high level. We were looking to educate our team specifically around sales techniques and strategies we could use to further our business. David came and spoke with our team and blew us away with his knowledge and insight into a sales enablement strategy to help our team fill their pipeline of clients. Having the ability to understand social selling and how today's sales reps need to understand and use inbound marketing to generate more sales qualified leads. The tactics and methodologies he spoke about gave us a simple and clear direction to move our business in the right direction"

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