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Take Your Career Fair Display to the Next Level with Promotional Products

May 6, 2020 3 min read

Career fairs are kind of like speed dating.

A crowd of eager job hunters and companies seeking the perfect addition to their team are concentrated in one room, each counterpart filled to the brim with high expectations. You may think that the nervous job hunters have the highest amount of responsibility to impress companies, but in reality, companies should be doing as much as they can to impress and attract the best potential employees, too.Good employees that stick around are hard to come by - in fact, 46% of HR professionals say their greatest concern is employee retention. This is why the goal of finding quality employees should always be on the top of your mind when planning for career fairs. If you knew you were going to find an invaluable employee, wouldn’t you do anything possible to reel that prospect in?

Using promotional products as a strategic part of your career fair display can help attract quality potential employees for your brand. Here’s how to leverage promotional products as part of your next career fair display with two easy steps.

Step #1: Know Your Strategy

When you use promotional items at a career fair, you have to have a game plan. And no, it’s not as simple as giving away a promotion to everyone that stops by your booth. Giving away inexpensive handouts is important for brand exposure, but it’s not going to help you pin down that perfect employee.

For career fairs, you should have two types of promotional items at the ready: a normal quantity of inexpensive items and a lower quantity of higher-quality (and higher price) items. I recommend this strategy for attracting quality potential employees to your booth: use your high-quality items to do the initial attracting, and use the inexpensive items to start a conversation to qualify the lead, or in this case, job hunter.

Gadget Grip

Here’s how this strategy works: potential employees will be attracted to your booth by a small quantity of eye-catching, high-value items, like power banks, for example. However, don’t give the high-value item away immediately; first, give the prospect one of your less-expensive items, like a Gadget Grip, to introduce your company and start a conversation.

Once a professional from your booth is having a conversation with a potential employee, they can determine the quality of the job hunter in relation to your company’s available positions. If the job seeker seems like they’d be a good fit, your booth attendee can give them the higher-quality promotional item in exchange for contact information, resume, or a scheduled meeting time to further discuss the position. In addition to generating a quality lead for open positions, you’ve already delighted a potential employee and proven to them that your company is a desirable place to work.

Sometimes, the prospect may outright ask how to get the higher-quality item. In this situation, you can explain that you’re looking for credible information from potential employees to prove that they’d be a good fit before giving out the more expensive item. However you decide to attract and qualify job-seekers, make sure every member running your booth is in on the strategy and that you have a sure-fire way to measure the quality of leads.

Step #2: Arrange Promotional Products to Amplify Your Booth

Now that you know your strategy for attracting quality potential employees, it’s time to set up the actual display. Start by determining your two categories of items. What will you use as a traditional career fair giveaway? How can you make your high-value item attract prospects, connect to your brand, and resonate with quality leads?

Once you’ve identified your items, it’s time to incorporate them into your display. Just like every other component of a great career fair display, you need to make sure that the placement of your giveaways makes for a cohesive and visually pleasing display.

The truth is, promotional products can go anywhere on the booth table. Many people put them to one side of the display table in a container of sorts, like a bowl or a basket. Either way, I recommend displaying a larger quantity of the inexpensive items with the higher-quality items placed towards the back of the table.

Career Fair Display U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Image by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

I like how this organization organized their career fair display. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers strategically placed their higher-value giveaways, branded tumblers, behind inexpensive giveaways - in this case, pens and rulers. Placing the less expensive giveaways front and center is a great way to get attendees' attention. After you've started your interaction by giving away the low cost item for brand exposure, you can use your promotional product strategy to qualify the lead by starting a conversation about the higher-value item.

Using a strategic mix of high-value and inexpensive promotional items can be great for both attracting job seekers and determining if they would be a good fit for your company. Start your search for career fair promotional products today.

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This post was originally published April 19, 2017