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Should Salespeople Earn an Inbound Marketing Certification?

May 7, 2020 2 min read

I know what you’re thinking. They meant to say Inbound Sales Certification in the title, not inbound marketing. This is a Sales blog article, after all.

But there’s no typo in the title of this article.

Even though many companies operate under the old-fashioned system of separating Sales and Marketing, the lines between these two jobs are blurred today. Sales and Marketing can no longer be effective by staying away from each other. They need to work closely to achieve a common goal: grow the company.

So, yes, salespeople should earn an inbound marketing certification.

What is an Inbound Marketing Certification?

If you’re not familiar with it, the Inbound Marketing Certification is a series of free courses offered by HubSpot, the #1 marketing and sales automation platform. The certification classes cover the fundamentals of the inbound marketing methodology.

You’ll learn how SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a cohesive digital marketing framework.

You can learn more about the certification right here.

No one is expecting salespeople to come up with marketing strategies or execute a social media campaign just because they’re certified. Marketing and Sales still have their own responsibilities and their own commitments to delivering a certain number of leads or sales per month.

But chances are, if you’re a salesperson reading this article, you’re here because your company is moving toward an inbound marketing strategy. Completing the Inbound Marketing Certification course allows salespeople to develop a complete understanding of why the company is making this investment, and how it affects Sales.

Here are 4 signs you’re a salesperson who needs to start studying for your inbound marketing certification:

1. Your marketing team is generating leads using the inbound methodology.

If your company has taken steps toward implementing the inbound marketing methodology, congrats! You’re part of a team that’s embracing the new way people buy products and services.

To understand what this new direction is all about, take the Inbound Marketing Certification classes. Then, by the time an inbound lead gets to you, you’ll be aware of the buyer’s journey they’ve been through. This allows you to help prospects more effectively.

2. You’re committed to sales and marketing alignment.

Great salespeople know that Marketing can’t generate qualified leads without the right information from Sales. If you’re committed to sales and marketing alignment (and you should be, if you want to be handed better leads!), take the certification. Then you can speak the same language as your marketing team and develop better strategies together for attracting your future customers.

3. You’re a sales leader involved in overall company strategy.

If inbound marketing has become part of your company’s growth strategy, then guess what? You need to be involved!

Sales leaders are integral to any company’s strategic planning. When inbound marketing is incorporated into that plan, it becomes part of the company’s culture, not just part of the marketing. A strong strategy is one where everyone is on the same page, so salespeople need to speak the inbound language when helping to steer the company in the right direction.

4. Your company has invested in marketing automation software.

Marketing automation software is a big investment for a company. It is an invaluable tool for any marketing team to help them do their jobs more effectively. And in order for a business to see success with marketing automation, Sales needs to get on board, too.

Inbound leads are different from other types of leads, and they need to be handled a certain way. Marketing automation can help marketers bring in leads, but it’s up to the sales team to close those leads. By taking the Inbound Marketing Certification, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build your inbound sales skills.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that an Inbound Marketing Certification is just for marketers. Salespeople can use the knowledge they gain through these classes to understand WHY Marketing is using the inbound methodology--and how it affects Sales.

Start today: learn more about the certification.

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This post was originally published November 2, 2016