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Should My Business Be On Facebook?

Elizabeth Crawford Written by: Elizabeth Crawford |

Should My Business Be On Facebook?

It seems like every company is on Facebook these days, but is a Facebook page right for your business?

The answer to that question depends on 2 factors: your customers, and you.

Are your customers on Facebook?

If you’re a B2C company, chances are good that your ideal customers, or Buyer Personas, are hanging out on Facebook. People like using Facebook to engage with brands and companies they like, so for most B2C companies, Facebook is a good idea.

For B2B companies, it’s a little trickier to know whether Facebook is right for you. The first step is defining your Buyer Personas. Where do they go for information? Most professionals don’t use Facebook as their social network of choice for industry news and updates—that’s what LinkedIn is for.

If your customers aren’t using Facebook to engage with companies like yours, then don’t waste your time managing it. It has to be worth your time.

Will you manage a Facebook page?

Be honest with yourself. Assess your time, your employees’ time, and the overall company participation levels. Who will be in charge of managing your company’s Facebook page? If the answer doesn’t jump out at you immediately, then maybe the answer is that no one will.

Facebook—and all social media marketing — is about being timely and relevant. Once you commit to a Facebook page, you have to post consistently to see any sort of value. If that doesn’t seem possible for your company, then it may be best to not start. I’m an advocate of strategic marketing planning, so figure out whether Facebook will be a part of your marketing plan before you start using it.

Claim your profile, and move on.

If you’ve decided that Facebook isn’t a good fit for your business, there’s still a good reason to claim your company’s Facebook listing.

Facebook will usually generate a listing for your business by default, and this has the potential to appear in Google. So even if you don’t maintain a thriving Facebook presence, you should still keep this business listing up to date with accurate information. That way, people can still find you on Facebook if they happen to look, but you’re not stressing about what and when to post for an audience that’s not listening.

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Orignially published on August 4, 2014, updated on June 07, 2018

Topic: Marketing