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Introducing Our Refreshed Brand [Video]

Introducing Our Refreshed Brand [Video]

Elizabeth Crawford Written by: Elizabeth Crawford |


Here at Delta Marketing Group, we haven’t been feeling like our old selves lately. That’s because…we’re not our old selves!

Have you noticed some changes around the Delta digital space? We’ve been working hard on a brand redesign. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that it’s complete—and we think it’s pretty awesome.

Why the Rebrand?

Rebranding is not as simple as whipping up a new logo, throwing it up on your website, and sticking it to some promotional products. It takes preparation, planning, and—honestly—a bit of soul-searching. Who are we, and what do we want to say to the world? What is our purpose, and how do we show it? It can all start to get a bit existential.

For our company, the decision to rebrand came down to a simple truth: our business had fundamentally changed. It’s clear that marketing as an industry is in a constant state of change, and Delta Marketing Group has always sought to offer our clients the most relevant, impactful strategies we can. Whether it’s an emerging digital marketing strategy or a trending promotional product, our customers’ needs have evolved—so we’ve evolved to meet those needs.

But the change goes beyond simply adapting our services to align with our customers’ challenges. We have the opportunity to work with amazing customers, and we’re grateful that our customers have helped to shape who we are today. Our identity as a company has shifted because of the trust our clients have shown. We’re no longer just order-takers, but trusted advisors.

It’s the difference between reaction and strategy, between complacency and creativity. We wanted our new look to reflect our next phase—bold, agile, and ready for what’s ahead.

We’re the first to admit that our old look was uninspiring. Even our team was starting to get fatigued with everything from our brand colors to our messaging. We designed our new look to be energizing and versatile, so that we can unleash our creativity and put some really cool things out into the world.

The updated Delta Marketing Group brand has breathed new life into our company—not just the way we present ourselves, but the way we work. We can’t wait to take our new momentum and do remarkable things for our customers.

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Orignially published on August 15, 2017, updated on March 26, 2019

Topic: Brand Development