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Get Started with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

David Houston Written by: David Houston |

Get Started with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

On April 14, LinkedIn will remove the Products and Services feature from all Company Pages. So, how can businesses communicate with their LinkedIn audience about their products and services? Not too long ago, LinkedIn introduced a new way for companies to spread the word about what they do with Showcase Pages.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a way for businesses to target specific subsets of their audience (their buyer personas). They help break up the core parts of your business into dedicated pages, so LinkedIn members can follow only the aspects of your business that are relevant to them.

For example, if you run a construction company, you can have a separate Showcase Page to highlight each of your verticals, like residential construction, institutional construction, and industrial construction. All of these unique Showcase Pages are tied back to your original Company Page.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

How are Showcase Pages Different from Products and Services Pages?

Where the Products and Services tab was meant to inform LinkedIn users about what your company does in a broad sense, Showcase Pages are intended to help you push out highly targeted content to each of your Buyer Personas.

As opposed to simply describing your products, you can now engage with your audience and communicate your solutions. You can share updates that will be of interest to followers of your dedicated pages, and when you target to a more qualified audience, your engagement will improve.

  • All Showcase Pages link back to an existing Company Page.
  • Your employees on LinkedIn can’t link their profile with a Showcase Page.
  • Showcase Pages offer a new, more interesting layout with space for a much larger image and a two-column layout for updates.
  • LinkedIn offers dedicated analytics for each Showcase Page.

How Do You Get Started with LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

1. Start by thinking about which areas of your business need their own Showcase Page. What are the core aspects of what you do?

2. When you’re ready to start, go to your Company Page (make sure you have admin access). Click the blue Edit button on the top right and select Create a Showcase Page.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

3. Follow the prompts to name your page and add page administrators. You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can fill in the rest of the information about your page, like adding images, describing what the page is about, and linking to your website. This is a great place to use your keywords and optimize for search.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

4. When your page has been created, you’re ready to begin sharing those targeted updates. What kind of updates can you share? New product announcements, information about upcoming events, links to targeted content on your site, and relevant company updates and industry news.

Showcase Pages are the perfect opportunity to connect and engage with your audience by offering them content that’s specifically meant for them. Now LinkedIn users can follow only the aspects of your business that interest them. With the page-specific analytics, you can discover new insights about your customer base that you may not have known before, and use those insights to connect with them on an even deeper level.

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Orignially published on April 10, 2014, updated on June 11, 2018

Topic: Marketing