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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on June 8, 2015

Branded Pedometers: Step Up Your Office Fitness Program

Get your employees in shape with branded pedometers they'll want to use.


Promoting healthy living around the office is a trending and important concept for many companies – including Delta! In fact, one of our core values is upholding a healthy work environment. Our employees take the time to work out during the day, and on Fridays, we host a healthy office breakfast to fuel up for the working day ahead.

A great way to promote health and fitness in the office is with branded pedometers. We think the workplace is one of the best places for people to achieve their fitness goals.

These impactful products may seem simple, but there is much more to them than meets the eye. Let's go over some of the basics.

Know your product. What are pedometers?

A pedometer is a small, portable device that is mounted on a person's hands or hips. Different pedometers have different features, but most detect motion to measure steps taken, distance walked, and calories burned.

How have companies use branded pedometers to promote health and fitness?

I’ve found that companies who order branded pedometers were implementing a wellness program or hosting a contest, like the e-commerce company NextJump. One business I worked with gave them out at a company picnic, and whoever achieved the highest number of miles won a prize.

What types of pedometers are available?

There are many types to choose from. The main differences in pedometers lie in the style and features of the product. For instance, there are flip-case pedometers and open face pedometers.

              Custom PedometersBranded Pedometers

                              Flip-Case                                         Open Face

Some have more features than others. The simpler, cheaper pedometers only track steps, calories burned, and distance covered at the most.The fancier and more expensive pedometers, like the one pictured below, include all the tracking features present in the most basic pedometers, but can also have added benefits like a clock that has the date, time, day, and an alarm clock. It also has the ability to track total activity time and target percentages, as well as store data for up to 30 days. Also, the more expensive pedometers tend to have a sleeker, more visually pleasing design.

Logoed Pedometers

 3D Multifunction Pedometer with Docking Station

Watch Pedometer

Because this product is costly, it would make for a great employee gift or incentive. And if you're really looking to splurge on prizes and incentives, you may want to consider ordering the Wristband 3D Bluetooth Pedometer (right). It has the same functions as a regular pedometer, like the ability to track steps, calories, and distance covered, but it also does a lot more to monitor healthy living. It monitors your quality of sleep by tracking the total time and number of times you were woken up throughout the night. Wear it as a wristband or remove it from the strap and attach it to your shoe.

Overall, branded pedometers are a great way to get the ball rolling for promoting health and fitness in your office. Whether they be used as incentives or employee giveaways, just their presence alone allows for the growth of a healthy environment.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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